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I have Huel for breakfast a few times a week, or sometimes for lunch if I’ve got nothing else in!
One of the ways I love to use Huel though is when I’m travelling. I’m a vegan and I travel for business a fair bit, so I don’t always have complete control over where I eat a d where I travel to. Bag of Huel in my hand luggage though, and I use my shaker as a water bottle, and you’re good to go. If I’m lucky I’ll put some soy milk in the hotel room fridge or if not it’s still good just with water and I at least know I’m covering most of my nutritional bases!


go girl

different ways to use huel

some like me use it for all main meals

superb results

Love to hear this Lauren! Thanks for sharing. I think Huel is really underrated for travel. My other half travels a lot with work (used to I guess!) and taking a bit of Huel with her really helps out, especially when she’s in hotels with awful food!

You’ve never had any issues with travelling with Huel in your hand luggage? We’ve had loads of people asking on the forum if it’s ok, they say they will report back, then they never do and we worry they’ve been taken into custody for carrying white powder across borders!

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On this, I worked in airport security for a few years and various food supplements in the form of a white powder come through all the time. I’d always suggest transporting any powder like Huel in its original packaging but even if you take it through in little plastic baggies the worst that’s ever going to happen is someone taking a sample (getting a ‘clean’ result takes less than a minute).

That’s true for major airports/borders anyway. You might have an issue trying to take a bag of Huel through a smaller border somewhere like Mexico. In any case the best thing is just to be honest and cooperative - like I say anyone working in this environment see’s this kind of thing every day.

Just to echo what Stuart has said, I’ve never been queried. I typically try and carry it in the original bag if I can but have also decanted into small plastic bags but I’ve never had an issue!

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