One week in - some thoughts

I’ve been having Huel for breakfast since it arrived last week. I’m not intending to go 100% Huel, but I often don’t have time for breakfast and am a frequent business traveler, finding myself slurping coffee and a pastry at an airport instead of something healthy.

So far, I’m loving it. I make it up in my NutriBullet and have experimented with a few variations, mostly throwing in some fruit. My favourite so far as been to combine Huel with almond milk, rather than water, and a couple of shots of coffee from my Nespresso machine. Tasty, filling and an eye-opener in the morning.

I need to think about how I can travel with Huel - any plans on selling containers to transport the powder? I can be away from home for over a week at a time and don’t really fancy bringing one of the bags with me.

I’m blogging about my Huel experiences over here and will share any other reflections as things progress. But so far, so good!


Hi @MacPsych thank you for the feedback. I’m liking your blog post and design too!

@majora13 asked a similar question about containers here: Sodium content in Huel

I found some smallish sandwich boxes which are lockable, do they fit your requirement?

There are some more flavouring ideas in section 3 here:

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Thanks Julian - appreciate the feedback. I’ll check out the sandwich boxes and continue my search. Am traveling again next week, so will see what I can find.

Please let us know if you find something suitable, I don’t think you are the only one that wants a travel solution.

I found some stainless steel ones, expensive but better than plastic:

I am trying out reusable plastic zipper bags right now, seems like an easy if not a 100% sustainable fix.

The stainless steel box has arguably more style though ;). In addition to a longer lifespan…

What about something like this, it’s made of stainless steel, screw lid, insulated, available in different sizes, 500ml, 600ml, 750ml (I’m not sure what that converts to in powder, I did a rough test and in a Huel shaker I can get 50g in 100ml “space”). Price would be approx £10 delivered.


In the short terms how about using a 2nd Huel shaker as a carrying container? My guess it could hold about 300g of dry Huel.

Do you have a link for this container? Looks nice.

@JonnyT the ones I would like to source as not available to consumers. Kleen Kanteen do similar ones but they are pricey.

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I just found out that the 1 litre nalgene bottle that I got from trying out MANA is excellent for carrying the pouder, too. You dont even need a measuring spoon anymore, you can just pour the pouder into the shaker :wink:


Two storing suggestions:
-large whey protein containers seem about right if you want to replace the pouch;
-for meals, baby bottles, which I graduated according to calorie supply.
I madre pictures, but can’t upload them.

maybe a silly question but I take it people have had no issues taking huel on planes? wasn’t sure how a bag full of powder would go down…

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I usually just mix three meals the evening before, keep them in the fridge overnight, then bring them with me the next day. For longer travels, however, one would need to bring a bag, or use a smaller pouch/box.

Also a bit concerned about that! I’m going to Bulgaria in a couple of weeks with just a carry on, not sure how you’re supposed to prove what it is!