Starting Week 2

Start of second week using huel, using it as part of a weight loss plan combined with 16:8 fast and daily exercise.

So far it has been pretty good, I have 300 cal at 12pm and 300 cal at 3pm then a normal dinner up to 1200 cal in the evening so by no means using it as a complete replacement. The fasting I find is no problem and the 2 300 shots keep me going through the afternoon although I am fairly focused (hungry) by the time I get to evening meal.

I have no issue at all consuming, in fact I am rather enjoying the gluten free coffee at lunch and vanilla with a light banana boost in the afternoon. I assume if you were using it as a complete replacement then the additional quantity maybe a struggle to consume. I have a Nutri Ninja Blender so mix up in the morning takes 1 minute and completely mess free, soon as it has blended swap the mixer lid on the cup for a drinking cap. No digestive issues encountered so far.

Only negatives so far…

  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Lid on the free huel cup is annoying as hell

How about an unsweetened coffee, with a slightly stronger coffee flavour!!


Keep it up @markab. Well done for making it through week 1. :+1:

Thanks for feedback, Mark! Loads of positives there. Have you considered grabbing some of our Unflavoured Huel next time and adding instant coffee granules? Also, talk to me about the lid, what’s annoying you?

For me, you shake the bottle then open the lid to take a drink and some of the contents are still in the lid which then proceed to drip out onto your jumper/T-shirt/Shirt/Etc… making you a mess!
Its not major as long as you remember to clean/lick the inside of the lid after you open it. Takes a bit of muscle memory that does!!

I do like the fact you can hook your finger under the bendy lid section and it is strong enough to carry around

Its not a bad shaker though to be fair.

As if on cue! It dripped, I cleaned it then took photo!

Yeah. You can sometimes get a Huel bindy. Think I mentioned that elsewhere.

I just give it a good lick, hey steady on - I am talking about the lid yer know :yum::yum::yum:

Yeah that’s a really good point. I so naturally just lick the lid but that’s definitely something we would ideally improve. Cheers for the feedback.

You shouldn’t have mentioned the drip problem, your shaker heard you!

I had a drip problem when I started
However … a simple trick sorted it out
Add water
Then add huel
Close the lid
And … here’s the key part … flip the shaker upside down ie lid bottom most
Flip up the normal way

The upside down technique stops huel clogging in the mouthpiece and it all ends up shaken into a smooth liquid …
oh and if you think the lid pokes you in the eye, try holding it out of the way with your forefinger