Thoughts after one week & one bag of Huel

So I thought I would just share my thoughts on Huel one week (and one bag) into using it. I’m sat here wearing a Huel hoodie sipping a shaker of Huel so it’s fair to say I’m a convert :grin:, but I shall elaborate…

I’ve been aware of Soylent since Rob Rhinehart first started talking about it (I’m a Software Engineer and reader of Hacker News) but somehow the availability of UK/EU equivalents passed me by until I saw a Huel advert on Facebook. I immediately found the website/branding appealing (love the clean look) and after, after reading through everything, felt assured of the quality of the ingredients and the choices made in the formulation. I knew James’ name having dipped into MuscleTalk on and off over the years and having him on board is definitely a big plus for me (I’m far from being a bodybuilder but I tend to turn to the bodybuilding world when it comes to nutrition).

I went straight into using Huel every day for breakfast, lunch and an afternoon “snack”, with a normal meal in the evening. This is working perfectly for me - being largely freed from having to think about food during the week is incredibly liberating. I’m also very happy about the fact that without any effort or thought my diet is now largely Vegan (something that has been on my mind since watching Cowspiracy a couple of months ago).

When I mentioned the product to some friends one commented that it was strange for someone who is a “foodie” to want to use it. But as far as I am concerned this is irrelevant, yes I enjoy eating out and cooking - but those aspects of my life are not being replaced by Huel. What is being replaced is eating nutritionally devoid breakfasts, crappy sandwiches for lunch, etc.

In terms of the taste of Huel (I have Vanilla), I think it’s perfect - subtle enough to allow some additional flavouring (I like adding a little cinnamon) but also great on its own. I genuinely enjoy my Huel shakes :slightly_smiling:

I really can’t see me going back to life before Huel now and look forward to seeing what new products are in the pipeline :+1:


Exactly my experience. I love cooking and I love eating good food but I wasn’t doing either of those two things for breakfast or lunch before, so how is switching to HUEL any different? If you ask me the only difference is that it’s much better for me than the crap I was eating for those two meals before!

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