Huel bag hacks

I’ve just thrown out my fourth empty Huel bag, and it’s giving me food for thought. I know they can’t be recycled, so I started thinking about other ways to reuse them …

They make quite good freezer bags, but even better …

They are sturdy and flexible so someone more creative than me (and perhaps inspired by Ikea bag hacks) could probably turn them into all sorts of things like:

Pencil case
Pen barrel
Rain hat
Waterproof coat/cape
Waterproof backing to a picnic rug

If you’ve made any of these, or are inspired to try, I’d love to see the results


This is a very important hack for those people who are unable to source a Huel branded bottle.

Buy yourself a bottle like this:

Cut the Huel word off the label from the front of a pack. Wipe the powder from the back of it…stick some of this all over the back of the label:
and press it onto the bottle. Leave to dry. Varnish the front for added durability. Don’t put it in the dishwasher.


This is a fun idea.

Hmm, it’s a stout well sealed bag. How about an emergency receptacle for waste perhaps when stuck in traffic or similar?

Likewise. Kinda Huel, before & after. Probably best not to include pics of the process of filling the bag though. Meh, with a spoiler warning it’ll probably be fine; just run 'em past Tim first to be sure.


Just be careful not to spill any on him, Tim’s lovely. And definitely don’t run with scissors at the same time - the bags may be sturdy but they’re not scissor-proof.

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Is there a reason they can’t be recycled? Feels bad throwing so many bags out! :frowning:

Here I was naively thinking you were talking about a car trash bin :joy::sweat_smile:

Huel pouches are made of a composite material. Plastic on the outside for strength and to make them waterproof, etc. and foil on the inside to protect the micro nutrients from degradation, so a bit like tetrapaks, bloody difficult to recycle.

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I love this idea! You often see in cute gift shops or folks on the street bending and shaping cans of cola into elaborate shapes and figures. Would be cool to weave Huel in a similar way, the pouches are so strong it could definitely work.

My email is if you want to send any pictures over.
please don’t

Thanks Wendy :smiley:

Good life advice.

@hunzas is bang on. However, are there so many pouches? Each pouch lasts 14 meals, that’s two weeks of a meal a day! However we are working on solutions to use alternative materials from non plastic sources.

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When I went to the mix and mingle last year I was lucky enough to get a couple of Huel stickers. One went straight on my tablet, the other is still waiting for its forever home. I might get one of those bottles and sticker it up. I definitely need something sturdy enough to withstand my dogs.

That’s exactly the kind of thing I mean! I just wish I was creative enough to produce something. I use a wallet made of fruit-juice pouches and carry my training materials in a bag made from recycled vegetable packaging. Huel pouches are perfect for this, and would be very stylish! I’m going to ask around and find someone who can make me a prototype :smiley:

Anyone that could make something with that? A Huel wallet? I have no idea of how to, but im pretty sure its easy

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Fill with soil, plant something in it, never need a plant pot again :slight_smile:


I give herbs to chefs & make my deliveries in them.



Love this! So you use the Huel pouches to protect the herbs? That’s awesome. Does any of the Vanilla aroma get onto the herbs though?

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Good question - only when you first take it out of the bag, but hopefully it doesn’t (or does!) linger onto the customer’s plate. & only with smell, not taste.

The plastic is stiff enough not to crush the herbs but I also wait for the day you use a plastic that biodegrades organically, ie. not breakdown into plastics that leach into the environment. I’m quite aware that I’m probably ingesting microscopic bits of plastic from the shaker daily now as I’m on a predominantly Huel diet most days as its mouth & lid gets rough from friction.

The few herb flavours I’ve combined with Huel have been quite pleasant & on the savoury side - lemon verbena, rose geranium & lavender.


*Heads to Google *

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Great idea indeed
Really hope someone comes up with creative ideas - right now Im thinking gym bag (because Im in need of one), however I dont have any empty bags nor a creative sewing mind - but maybe I’ll be lucky and find inspiration somewhere - in the meantime I won’t throw the empty bags in the bin (if the hubby lets me)

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I have just been pondering this the last couple of days! I was wondering about storing oats, flour, pulses??

I use my old Huel bags for storing revived dead threads. I then bury them in the woods


Haha! Got the point, but better that than me asking a question that’s already been answered right?