Bottle carrier :)

Hey there,

So just an idea! I take two huel bottles with me to work everyday and it would be really helpful to have a nice insulated (branded of course) lunch bag/ bottle holder to take them in everyday!

Could have room for two bottles and maybe a little pocket for a huel bar! Just know I would definitely buy one - would be a great way to protect the bottles and keep them cool whilst en route :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion x

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I would like something like that also, I have an event this weekend where I am already wondering how to keep my days shakes cool. An insulated bag would be ideal.

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I stole my wifeโ€™s lunchbox (George Home at Asda)

Can just squeeze in 2 shakers and 2 freezer ice packs

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Packit freezable lunch bag.

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Yeah, there seems to be loads of freezable lunch bags on Amazon:

Let us know which one you get and if it โ€˜worksโ€™.