Powder containers small

Helo comrads.
As the new bottle has come out…
Love it so far the odd design is working out well:) Just wanted to see if some one has found powder containers that would fit inside the bottle?
Or any other suggestion welcome :v:
As i tend to take it camping with me space is something if a limit. :confused: :slight_smile:

I had started putting my powder in the bottle and than at the gym moving it too the lid while I add water and than back again before mix. Depends on your water source I suppose. I am sure you could get powder containers that will fit the bottle.


you could just reuse small ziplock freezer bags for measured out amounts of powder. they would both fit and adapt to the shape of the bottle.

variations on that if you want to go a little more upmarket would be reusable silicone food bags or even food grade water dissolvable paper pouches if you’re being really flash :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s the most sensible option. Unless they were wanting to put more than one meal’s word of smaller containers into the Huel shaker, but that’s not really very easy unless using ziplock bags as a workaround.

Ziplock bags are good option true. :slight_smile:
Waa hoping on something more sustainable tho.
For now I setled on pickled ginger tub. It fits 4 scoops tho but does sit in the shaker.

if you have access to composting facilities - you can buy PLA (Biodegradable/Compostable) ziplock bags.