Take it with me

Hey lovely ppl!
Can everyone please share how they take extra powder to work and especially when u go travel or to camping?
Would love to hear what other ppl use! :slight_smile: I use extra small containers but some how it feels silly :yum:

Why are containers silly? I take them all the time to work. If they’re reusable and close well, it’s the perfect vessel, no? Idk on what other lines you were thinking?

I reuse empty Huel flavour boost pouches to store single servings (100g) of powder. They keep it fresh and are easier to carry as they pack flat and are small and lightweight.
Only thing is… even after washing, the flavour / smell of the boost remains very faintly which can flavour the powder slightly.
So choose wisely which empty pouch to use for which premix flavour!


I take a bag with me when camping and flavour boosts in small containers. Weight isn’t a problem as I go in the car.

I went hiking with Huel where volume was an issue, so I took small plastic bags and measured two servings in each bag and stored them in the shaker while hiking. Then when it was time to prepare I used one half bag per meal (did two servings per bag to not use up all the worlds plastics, but one serving per bag could work for shorter trips). This way I could bring several flavours and didn’t have to guesstimate the amount of powder for each serving.

Next time I’m going camping but not hiking I’m just gonna bring the whole bag and use the measuring cup, since I’m now more used to how much makes up one serving.

For everyday use I prepare the shake before leaving. If you need to bring several servings on a day-to-day basis I’d absolutely recommend a small container or several. Or you could keep a Huel bag at work and one at home.

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For anyone who uses Huel Granola, the empty pouches plus plastic closure are great for portioning powder.

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I use Addis 0.33l screwtop container cups. I use them to transport powder because I can too the powder easily into the shaker. I have 3 of these which I recall my mum buying in 1998. I don’t believe they are made anymore.

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I use BlenderBottle Pro 32oz shakers for my Huel (they really are great) but they also do options with screw on compartments for carrying powder portions to mix later and even stacking storage.

The 32oz is a great size if you like to add frozen fruits etc to your Huel as it still has space to add more water to the mix once the volume reduces with absorption over time and the mixer ball works really well.

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