Huel Travel Containers - Black Edition

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to ask if anyone had come across any great travel containers that hold 2 scoops that anyone could recommend?

Need something relatively small and compact that I can carry around in my backpack and ideally have 2 separate containers that fits 2 scoops of black edition in each with a little space on top for lets says to add PBfit peanut butter powder too.

Any recommendations would be appreciated!

So far I’ve come across 2 different containers in a quick search, Let me know if you have either and how have you found them or have any recommended products yourself

First one is:
SmartShake Revive Storage -

Second one is:
Alpha Designs - Protein Powder Container x3

Blender Bottle are a well respected shaker brand that do a model called ProStack that has expandable storage options that can attach to the shaker.

Hey @Phil_C Thanks for the recommendation, I was actually just looking at their GoStack one but it seems to be hard to get my hands on in the UK as I think I’d need the 150cc one to make things fit

I use these beakers in the house. the lids are badly cast with bits of thin excess plastic bits around the edges that i cut off with scissors but they’re £1.25 each so i cant complain too much.

I’ve never travelled with them so I cant comment on that.

or similar from ebay here screw top plastic beaker 350ml for sale | eBay

The benefit of using a beaker is that they’re narrower and that makes it easier to tip it into the shaker

the prostack comes with a 150 and 100 cc container plus a smaller ‘pill box’ that locks into the lid - I guess that would work for the PB? there are a few suppliers in the UK that carry the them like here who also carry the go stack products.

Asda do/did some circular plastic tubs with screw lids which hold about 120g of Huel and are about £1.

I was in a branch of B&M today and these were both cheap and cheerful. The former looks to be of a better quality. Both are stackable…
The first hold 300g and the second 150g but don’t appear to be half the size.

Funny enough I was talking to someone about this earlier today and they recommended baby powder dispensers - they have spouts so make them easy to use - like these l, you can get bigger ones