Storage Container (for Travel)

Hopefully someone can help.

I know 3x scopes of HUEL is around 114g, does anyone know how many ml that takes up? I need to order some storage containers as I travel with work occasionally for a few days or more a month, and rather than take the whole HUEL bag with me it would be easier to take the powder in a small container.

If anyone knows how many ml 3x scopes is it really would be appreciated.

Thanks will probably do you.

Thanks for the reply and the link, just to be clear we are saying 3x scoops is less than 200ml then?

If so then yes they look like they would do the job, I’ve also see these which could be easier to pour into the HUEL Shaker too:

I would like them as small as possible, so ideally not going up to a 300ml container if 200ml would work would be great, even more so if a 150ml would work could go even smaller still.


Actually I think the ones you mentioned are better size. I don’t actually use scoops but a scale for 100g Huel, and that comes out at about 220ml. I use recycled containers, not actually bought any specifically. Mine are cylindrical measuring 8cm high by 9cm across and there are a couple cms of space at top once filled.

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Very helpful reply, knowing that 100g of Huel is around 220ml is great to know - thanks for that.

I would like to find some cylindrical ones to be honest, but I am struggling to find some that look like they would be good qulaity, most of them seem to be like the one I linked to, so short and stubby rather than taller and perhaps thinner.

I’ve also just found these which are 250ml so again should work too and they look pretty good also.

Those look to be spot on.

This is a really good idea! The containers I use are a bit big and make a mess.

You can get some Tupperware-style little boxes in Poundland too

Thanks. I’ve still not ordered, any yet but my HUEL turns up today and I’ve got a few old containers I don’t want to use but that will allow me to double check exactly the storage size I need. Will then get some ordered.

Morning, first day on Huel.

I would say the 250ml ones would work but it will be on the tight side, so personally I would go for the 300. So that’s what I will order.

Will post an image if I can later of what the contents look like in a 400ml container that I have used for today.

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Here’s the container 400ml. Hopefully you can get an idea of how full it is okay, as mentioned it’s just around 250ml and that’s with 3 scoops of Huel.


I just use plastic sandwich bags :slight_smile: