Suggestion: Transport Pots?

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My first post on the forum. I’m using Huel to cut at the moment, as I have a new job (singer and dancer) in 8 weeks time and at my current ‘capacity’ won’t be able to fit in the costumes! I’ve found that two scoops and a flavour sachet works best for me so am having a normal breakfast (toast, eggs and low-fat bacon), two 2-scoop huel shakes during the day, then low calorie meal in the evening.

As someone who consumes two Huel’s during the day while they are out, the biggest drawback I’ve found is wanting to take a ‘portion’ on the go with me. At the moment I leave the house with one shake ready made in my Huel shaker, and I’ve scooped the second portion in to an old Lloyd Grossman pasta sauce jar!

So my suggestion, would Huel consider making and selling small plastic ‘travel pots’? Think ordinary tupperware, but sized to fit up to 3/4 scoops of Huel and no more. That way, people who want to drink multiple Huels during the day - but don’t want to carry a giant bagful with them! - have an easy solution to taking extra portions on the go. To the company, you can cover your costs of manufacture by selling them for a couple of quid, and then you’re facilitating more use of the product so will sell more powder in the long run. Win-win for all? Would be great to see this happen so I can put the jars in recycling where they belong!

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I don’t believe there is any plan. This has been suggested before: and I think there are numerous similarly sized pots on the market.

I use these

I can fit 2 scoops in each one as well as a spoon of flavour powder. It is a bit of a squeeze and there is often a little spillage though!

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These pots are £1 in ASDA and 90g is 2/3rd’s full.

I use them. If you want me to brim one to give an exact amount on how much it can hold let me know.

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I use the same ones, only with a yellow top :slight_smile:

This bloke just uses a simple container to carry his pot in,hope this helps,


This shaker cup is ace - mixes really well, seals perfectly with no leaks, and has two powder compartments at the bottom which easily fit 2-3 scoops each