Huel Travel Pots?

I saw some old posts on portable Huel storage but the products are no longer available.

I’m after some pots that can hold 100 g of Huel but can also stack inside themselves when empty?

This would be so I can take a load of pre-measured Huel away with me.

Anyone seen such a thing?

Also any other good Huel travel accessories?

I’m already considering a Powermixx portable battery powered, USB blender for the road!


I use the Addis 330ml beakers availible on amazon. They partly stack into each other but hold 2 to 3 scoops of powder. They also allow the powder to be tipped directly into the shaker with no mess.

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You could portion it out into 100g wraps in cellophane and pop them in a lunch box?

Mind… If you’re catching a flight you may want to write “not cocaine” on the outside of it to avoid problems.


Asda sell screw top beakers for £1 each. Ideal as travel pots and kitchen storage.

I’ve succesfully (re) used small zip-lock bags (sandwich / freezer) for travelling which I place inside a shaker along with blender ball in my luggage. Works a treat.

Promixx are ok but not enough liquid capacity for me. I like a big 'ol drink of Huel.

Thanks. I usually have 500 ml of water with my Huel, do you think that would work?

I think they have a 600ml limit so it should be fine.

I use BlenderBottle Pro45’s which are 1300ml :grin:

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