£1 travel container found

I’ve been on the lookout for a small container which will easily take 125g and that’s easy to scoop Huel into without making a mess or have to pat down to fit.

I found this container yesterday in Asda. They are made from non-BPA plastic, easily fit 125g in and one even fits inside a Huel shaker! As the width of it is less than the width of the Huel shaker, it’s easy to pour straight in too.

Bargain for £1 I thought!


Thanks for the update, that is great! ASDA better batten down the hatches - Huelers are coming…


Oh wow this is amazing and exactly what I was looking for! :heart_eyes:

On another note I was thinking of creating a Huel portable container with pre-measured scoops (eliminates the need of carrying a scoop) which would be great for carrying a few Huel meals/portions to be distributed throughout the day (rather than making one premixed).

I envision it like a tall, closeable (screw/cap, sth like the stainless steel water battles)) lab tube. Preferably one that also fits into the Huel mixing bottle.

Please revel in the wondrous prototype sketch below :sweat_smile:


Hmm, I suspect that will be not too useful…the powder will settle etc throughout the day, and also it will be difficult to accurately remove a scoop size without a scoop.

Such a killjoy, hunazas :stuck_out_tongue:
Not like I’m planning to ever build this, but would shaking before using not resolve the sedentation problem?


What would be cool is if it had some mechanism at the top, like on spirits in pubs, whereby you turn the bottle upside-down, turn something, and it only lets out a scoop load.

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There’s a simple option; one could try the system employed by old sugar dispensers: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Austrian-Cut-Crystal-Sugar-Dispenser-Edelweiss-pattern-/172781787771

However sugar flows more easily than Huel so that could be a problem…

This looks more complex, but might actually work: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Zevro-One-Click-Sugar-Salt-Pepper-Container-Dispenser-Portion-Control-Holder-New-/112485448424 possibly after scaling it up somewhat.