Finally found a container / dispenser which is easy to tip Huel from!

I’d been looking for a solution to avoid having to stick my hand into the bag since (wow, time flies!) 2 years ago:

As of this week, I’ve finally found a plastic dry food dispenser which has a built-in spout/funnel at the top which actually works conveniently for dispensing Huel from (without the powder clogging or coming out too fast etc.) - the container even neatly holds a single 1.7kg bag!

Finally, no more powder all over the counter, or all over my arm! :grin:

Here are a few photos of it:

IMG_20180416_154241 s-l1600%20(2)


Video demo of me pouring Huel from it here:

It only cost me £4 (including UK shipping) on eBay:

Yes, it says it’s a “dog food” container on the listing :joy: but it’s just plastic, I’ve put it through the dishwasher a couple of times already without issue and keep it in the cereal cupboard so it’s away from light too, overall pretty happy with it!

For me, it’s certainly reduced the inertia to eating Huel instead of other food, which helps me stick to it lots.
What do you folks think?


I followed the link and it is £2.84 inc postage …
Gotta be worth a try ??

I love your carefree attitude of tipping it in…no p*ssing about with scales and scoops… Good man.


Perfect thank you! I was thinking to look for a container as well. The bags are nice but I get powder all over my hands.

Haha yeah some folks on Reddit called me out for just tipping it in too! I guess I’ve just been drinking the same portion size (3 scoops every time) of Huel for several years now so I can easily eyeball it well enough.

That said, for anyone who prefers to measure with something, it turns out the plastic cap for this container is basically a perfect 3 scoop measurement!



What’s Huel like with gin?

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Haha good spot - probably horrific, but maybe one drunken evening I’ll make a bad decision and let you know


That’s the small one at £2.84. I think he bought the large version.

A refillable tetrapack could be very pretty tetra_evero_aseptic_sample_design_1_front


Amazing, thank you! I have been searching for a product like this for a while. I just have one question. I’ve read that it’s a bad idea to store Huel in clear plastic containers where sunlight can get through as it oxidizes/reduces the shelf life. Do you have any issues with this personally, or do you just keep it out of light/in dark cupboard unless you’re pouring it?


Andrew, did you pack the Huel in? I got one of these and it’s ace but it in no way fits a whole bag (I bought the large size). The cap being equivalent to 3 scoops is perfect for my lackadaisical measurements though.