Huel Dispenser - anyone tried the IDM Pro Portion?

Has anyone found any convenient way to dispense Huel powder in a known quantity without risk of getting powder anywhere?

I find using it at work annoying because I get the powder up my suit sleeve when sticking my hand into the massive (!) bag to scoop out 3 scoops, and would love a cleaner / more sophisticated method.

Most dry food dispensers don’t fit the bill because they often use a paddle wheel for the actual dispensing, which doesn’t work well with powders and is inaccurate.

However I’ve found this product (“IDM Pro Portion”) which looks perfect:

I emailed them for more details and they were very helpful, giving me a bunch of photos of it in use which look good, and pricing / shipping info.
However for individual orders it’s a bit pricey, at £60 plus £35 shipping for a total of £95 per wall mounted dispenser.
They do come in different sizes though (1.5L, 3L or 5L), and have 4 different portion sizes (10cc, 15cc, 20cc and 35cc), surprisingly all for the same price!

I’ve uploaded all the photos they sent me to here:, though there are too many to post all here. Here are some helpful ones:

I’m keen to buy one and try it but I’m not sure if I can justify £95 on something which might not work well…
Anyone richer than me fancy buying one first and telling me how it goes? :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone already tried this, or does anyone have a better idea for a convenient way of dispensing Huel?


That is an interesting idea, thank you for sharing.

It’s nice to see the contents but ideally Huel should be kept away from light, this is the reason for the composite material used in the pouches, e.g. plastic on the outside for strength and water proof and silver foil liner to keep light out. Light can cause oxidation of the flax and also effect some of the vitamins and minerals. So these could work if they were blacked out. But the price does seem too high.


£35 seems high for delivery unless they ship it on a pallet!

They replied to my query about light after Julian raised the point:

“I understand the concern, we can use our SAN material which has UV protection and we can also insert an additional PETE protection film for extra protection.”

To be honest I don’t understand the science behind food being sensitive to light, but that sounds good to me!


I found that a quick wipe/pat down gets all the powder off my sleeve.

Could always remove your jacket, roll up your sleeves or prepare Huel in the morning before you get dressed.

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This is very annoying! - Exactly what I want but overpriced. Then again… If I ever commit to a 100% Huel diet… it does replace all of my kitchen haha.

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Won’t it make you feel a little like a rat in a skinner box clicking a lever to get your food treat? And on top of that it measures volume and not weight so that means that its not much better than using a scoop and scoops aren’t 100% accurate.

Why not just measure out the dosages of the powder into plastic pots or bags individually before you go to work and then use a pots worth in each mealtime?


This is a good idea. You can easily buy small plastic tubs.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but that just sounds like a lot of hassle to me - I’m usually in a hurry in the morning and haven’t got the time or patience for pre-measuring portions.

Also sometimes I’m more or less hungry throughout the day, so I wouldn’t want to be restricted to pre-measured amounts.

Having precise amounts isn’t really important to me, I’m pretty carefree when I’m scooping it out so I don’t mind it being measured by volume rather than weight.

3.5L tupperware for storage and 3 scoops per shake do me fine :wink:

I make my shakes in the evening the day before. Three shakes for consumption throughout the day. Stuff 'em in the fridge and bring 'em to work the next day. I don’t much like the texture if I prepare it just before drinking it. Huel needs at least a few hours of soaking to get really good, in my opinion.

That might not work if you want to vary your intake, but you could maybe just make some extra and stick it back in the fridge for the next day? I’m sure it’ll last fine 48 hours in the fridge.

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I am using a cereal container from Tesco, £4

I agree this dispenser is too expensive but the idea behind it is great. I also agree - and yep I know I’m ridiculous in seeking ever more convenience - that though Huel is the best thing ever (and it is), both the Powder-Spread Issue (it’s like weaponised anthrax in a lab!) and the Scoop Faff Issue (PSI and SFI? :slightly_smiling: ) can be a bit of a drag.

I’ve been vaguely wondering whether it could be packaged in some sort of individual portions, like big blister-packs, or something, maybe with, say, 150 calories in each pack.

I know, I know, shooting for the moon. I plead guilty


I’ve just been looking into this too - a dispenser would be great. The price for this one is far too high though.

Sounds like a Kickstarter campaign is required :wink:

Our new pouch should reduce the need for such a dispenser. :slight_smile:


When’s the launch of the pouch? Have you released a sneak peak yet?

Great to hear! What is changing?

The new pouch is smaller, but still holds the same amount of Huel, the seal is improved, and it has side gussets so stands better.

Should be live in about a month.


Side gussets…fnaar fnaar!


I will take a photo tomorrow if you want to see it?