Huel Dispenser - anyone tried the IDM Pro Portion?


After may years of trying different powders and potions what normally sends me scurrying back to ‘normal’ foods is the mess and monotony of metering and measuring powers every day. These dispensers seem to be ideal. You’d think the good people at HUEL would sell these sorts of things on there own web site (HINT HINT). especially as they trying to encourage regular/continual use.


I use a pair of digital scales and have 5 small opaque boxes. I measure 200g of Huel into each of them and as I use Huel twice a day, that will provide me 5 days worth of meals - I mix 1 litre of liquid and one of these boxes of Huel and then split into 2 meals.

Only takes 5 minutes. As they are airtight and don’t let light in, I assume they don’t allow much oxidation.


Currently i use a big plastic container with a big opening. Its holds a whole Huel bag, ideal for scooping out and easy to clean. But having a dispenser like this would be even better. Few things, that would be important for me:

  • easy to clean?
  • non-transparent for the protection of the nutrients (maybe a little window for checking the fill level)
  • Huel™ writing on it :wink:
  • for sale on the Huel page
  • no ridiculous shipping costs
    I’m okay with paying 60 Euro/Pound/whatever for quality thingy i use every day.


if huel were selling one of these then I would definitely purchase one.

I agree with most of the points made by Stolen,

  • easy to clean is important,
  • opaque, as Julian has mentioned, is important
  • Shipping at a reasonable price is important,

However in contrast to Stolen, if it came with Huel branding on it I would either paint it over or scratch it off. Big brand names are esthetically undesirable if an item is going to sit on the countertop. Apparently others disagree, though.

I would also add one more point;

  • metal is almost always preferable to plastic
    It lasts longer, doesn’t scratch (so stays cleaner) and looks better too. I would be happy to pay considerable more for a metal version, say £50 for plastic £80 for metal.


I use a couple of resealable ziplock bags to take Huel to work. I put 3 scoops in each and a full bag will fit in a jacket pocket.

I have shaker at work so just mix in our office kitchen when needed. Really simple.




:stuck_out_tongue: bet im not the only one who sanded the huel label off the shaker too.


Mine has been gradually rubbing off anyway.

I recently got a new shaker which has the name of a supplement I’ve never used. That one doesn’t seem to be rubbing off. I’ll just not take that one out in public, I suppose.

My grandmother used to turn carrier bags inside-out because she didn’t want to advertise any shops when she was carrying her shopping. Unfortunately, can’t turn shakers inside-out. Not in this universe, anyway.


Hey all,
I just recieved these (no affiliate code, so i’m not spamming :slight_smile: )
after months of trying out different containers these are the ones, the round ones hold exactly 122g of huel to the brim and you get a pack of 12 so I only need to do one batch of measuring for 3 days of meals. I’ve orderd another 12 just incase. Highly recommend and very cheap. I probably tired out about 6 different sizes, i was settled on a rather expensive small sized glass keepcup until i found these.
A message to Huel HQ, you should contact these guys and start selling them on your site, it’s exactly what I was looking for for ages.
As for a shaker I’m using a nutribullet at work which is great but very expensive, just ordered the brevil active blender as it’s only £20 and comes with 2 bottles but I’m yet to use it. Looks ace though.


I’ve been using the Breville for two months now, it’s absolutely perfect!


yeah I’m a few days into using the breville now, it’s not as powerful as the nutribullet but I think i prefer it. It’s just simple to use blender with integrated bottles for convenience. From a Huel perspective they produce the same results.


I know its anec-data, but I just wanted to flag up that my exsperience with breville was not all that great. Mine has broken twice, first time the blades came loose from the cog that spins them, so they didn’t turn. You cannot get replacement blade units, but I managed to fix it with superglue. Then finaly the cap for the lid snapped off. I could buy new bottles I suppose, but really, I wouldn’t sink more money into something that keeps breaking. Seems better to pay a bit more for something that will last.


I’ve contacted IDM to hopefully get one of these if it costs £95 with shipping so be, it its expensive for what it is but they are the only company offering this that I can find at the time and the way I see it I will use it every day and greatly save a few minutes off my morning preparing huel in conjunction with my breville blender. I regards to the sunlight thing it seems the unit it fairly easy to take apart so I would take the clear plastic tube and paint the outer black but will leave a strip of masking tape all the way down to provide a small window which I will cover with a UV blocking film.


Hi Ben,

Did you ever successfully get a dispenser from IDM?



I know this is an old thread but I wanted to conclude - I eventually gave up on getting one of these dispensers as I couldn’t justify the £95 cost, but instead have found a much cheaper and simpler solution - a £4 dry food container which has a funnel/spout at the top making it easy to tip Huel out of!

See new thread here with more details and video - just in case this is of interest to anyone who was following this thread!


Old thread drag up but I was curious if you carried out the purchase/what the results were etc


I’m afraid I never did buy one, and sadly still can’t justify the cost.
Perhaps when I’ve got a bit more cash I’ll buy one and revisit this thread, as I’m still using huel and getting powder on me still annoys me!


The pour dispenser didn’t quite do it then?


It was actually really promising, but was far from perfect - these were the main gripes:

  1. The build quality wasn’t great, so the top had to be taped on firmly to ensure it didn’t fall off and spill Huel everywhere when tipping. This made the whole thing look pretty scrappy, and the tape picked up dirt over time and looked gross, and needed to be replaced every time you re-filled the container (I re-used the tape once and it wasn’t sticky enough and the lid fell off… sigh).

  2. The container was too tall to fit into any of my kitchen cupboards so had to be left out on the counter, so it didn’t protect the Huel from light and frankly, was a bit ugly.

  3. I was actually mistaken when I said in the other thread that it took a whole bag of Huel - it actually took about three-quarters of a bag. As such, there were still 2 messy re-fill sessions per bag, which was more often than I’d have liked.

  4. While my unscientific “tip roughly the right amount” dispensing worked fine for my regular liquid meals, it wasn’t suitable for Cooking with Huel where amounts need to be more precise, so I still found myself reaching into a bag with a scoop when I fancied a solid meal.

I recognise these are all fairly minor/pedantic points, and I was actually still using the pour dispenser regularly, but sadly I left it at my last workplace and was too awkward to go back and collect it!

Even though it was cheap, I haven’t bought a replacement because of the above minor annoyances and because I’ve mostly replaced my “regular liquid meals” with ready-to-drink anyway (the convenience there is just too appealing to my laziness to refuse!).

I’m still keen on a better dispenser like the IDM Pro Portion, as it would solve all of the above gripes and likely encourage me to do more cooking/baking with Huel!


Thanks for your comprehensive reply! I’m glad you’re still Hueling!