Container to fit a whole bag?

A question for all keen Huelers… Has anybody found a good container for holding a whole bag?

I prefer to decant my Huel into a container, as I the seal is a bit fiddly, plus it fits easier into a cupboard if it’s in a rigid container and I’ve got limited space.

But I’ve failed to find one which will fit a whole bag. There was a previous thread with somebody recommended a dog food container… actually just a cereal container/plastic dispenser (which actually works pretty well, but won’t fit a whole bag, there’s a bit left over).

So, interested to hear any suggestions?

Obvious thing would be a ‘protein’ tub from my MyProtein

Although I still have issues with protein tub, somehow can never manage to not spill stuff everywhere.

I’m thinking I’ll grab a 5l food grade bucket from amazon, think that will be big enough to fit two bags of Huel in and have a wide neck.

From another thread: Finally found a container / dispenser which is easy to tip Huel from!

@hunzas that’s the one! I can’t fit a bag of Huel in though. Maybe I got a smaller version (I bought the Large that was available at any rate). So just wondering if anyone else had had more luck.

These are what I use. Bought from Asda. Large one comfortably takes a whole bag and the smaller ones take a whole flavour pouch. The design of the larger one also makes it possible to slide over an open bag and then tip upside down when emptying out.

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I have two concerns about that solution, although if it works for you, great!

First, the bags are not light permeable, so I’m wondering if putting them in something that allows light to pass through might shorten the life…

Second, I’d love to find something large but vacuum seal-able…

@Coup thank you, that looks like the kind of thing - I sadly live nowhere near an Asda but maybe Amazon can help.

@Liam1965 True - mine goes in a cupboard, so not exposed too much to light, and I get through a bag approx every 2 weeks so so figure it won’t degrade much if at all in that time. The box is sealed except when I open it for a portion. If Huel is more volatile than I’m assuming I may be losing nutrients, but I hope not.

The large container is 5 litres, so anything which can hold that should be fine.

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:joy: just fill with premixed Huel to feed the whole family!

This is what @JamesCollier has on his desk. No straw, he just picks it up and pours it in. Everyone is too scared to question him on it.


LOL. Not surprised…hahaha

I use an Oxo Good Grips pop top container - I think its this one, they take a whole bag, just used a couple to put my coffee and berry huel in which arrived this morning :grinning:

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