Next generation Bottle / Shaker design

I travel every day for work and would love not to have to carry around separate bags or pots of delicious Huel powder, as quite often have to take water with me when working on site

Any one who is into product design have a cunning idea for Julian and the team to develop the next generation of shaker…?

Internal separated powder compartment…?

Or clip on / screw on base…not that we need inspiration from others…:wink:

Honestly I don’t think special compartments and screw on bases are that useful. They’re neat, sure, but you could just use an empty tin of mints or something, and put it inside the shaker. That’s more compact than the screw on base, and doesn’t make the shaker more complicated/harder to clean.

Actually here’s my genius idea. One of those plastic eggs from out of a Kinder Surprise. Huel could make one that holds around 100g of powder, and it’s even waterproof so it can go inside the shaker even if you have water in there too.

I’m trying to picture how big it’d need to be. Cricket ball sized? That’d fit, right?


I’ve not tried the ProStack but do use the BlenderBottle Pro shakers when not at home - they are really well made and work great with a range of capacities up to 1.4 litres and really secure closures.

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I’m bored/sleepless so I tried this with some shit I had in the kitchen.

It’s too small, and a bit too wide so if there no water it gets wedged at the bottom and is a pain to get out. So the official Huel® PowderPod™ needs to be slightly narrower, a bit taller, and have a little handle on the top.

I’m just inventing stuff that already exists and isn’t really any different to the Blender Bottle pots, aren’t I? I should go to sleep.


making round wheels square is an essential component of insomnia :slight_smile:


I did discover that 87g of compacted Huel makes a decent splash.


I think scientist Dr @David needs a job in Huel HQ on the night shift experimenting with new inventions :smiley:


That’s definitely a neat idea but i I’m honest I’ve never been a fan of the additional storage although appreciate it’s useful for those travelling and not in a fixed location. For most though it’s easier just to keep one of your 2 pouches and scoops at work.

For me things like the below are cumbersome and clunky. Have you ever held 750ml shaker with a clip on powder container? It’s like holding an artillery round. If we were to do something like a custom shaker then it would be focused on making it less masculine and bulky as opposed to adding more gadgets to it


For what it’s worth I actually think @David ‘s powder pod idea is brilliant.
I currently use a small round Tupperware that fits inside my shaker, but a Huel Powder Pod would be awesome.
Black, and like a futuristic little spaceship pod.
C’mon @Phil_C get designing


@David loving the efforts, during the night as well! What would you come up with during daylight hours and all brain cells firing?!

Going to try and find pod and see how it goes!

Genius @David

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@Tim_Huel completely appreciate you’re thinking on this
If design / function isn’t something Huel are focusing on just now, maybe materials…something sustainable…recycled plastics? Or there are now some really sturdy bamboo bowls, plates etc all dishwasher safe… just a thought

Thanks @Phil_C for the advice
Appears I have some experimenting to do to keep up with David

I agree @ChristinaT let’s see what these guys can come up with!

How come? Would it not be best to come up with something with such longevity you never have to replace it? Recycled plastics are getting better but the longevity isn’t the same as other sturdier plastics, recycled plastics are important for single use (hence why we have them and are looking to increase them in the RTD bottle) particularly but I would personally value longevity more.


I wouldn’t want a bamboo shaker. Bamboo cups etc are well known to be made with toxic glues and aren’t actually food safe. There may be some that are made differently but I’ve done a lot of looking and not found any yet.

Would suggest that using materials that are not sustainable, for example new plastics, purely for sturdyness could be improved as a concept.
For example maybe a ‘return and refresh your bottle’ concept where should recycled plastics reduce longevity, hueligans can return their bottle for a shiny new recycled plastics bottle? Huel helping the environment reduce total plastic consumption

For bamboo…fair few different concepts around; my wife has one of these;

How would this reduce total plastic consumption if every time people’s bottles break/stain/need refreshing we replace it? Sorry, probably just misunderstanding, but surely the better plan is to use a material that doens’t need refreshing?


Do some research into how the bamboo fibres are processed into these materials.
I’m not an expert on it, but was fairly horrified to discover the glues they use to stick the fibres together.
I can’t be sure all manufacturers are the same but personally I don’t risk it, even if they state ‘food safe’. Technically a tea bag is food safe but the glues used to stick the edges together leak into your mug of hot water… :flushed:

My understanding when truly considering the macro scale, after having been working in oil and gas previously and now large scale renewable power generation for some years, is that there is marked differences between total energy consumption when making products, for example;

‘According to the plastics manufacturing industry, it takes around 3.4 megajoules of energy to make a typicalone-liter plastic bottle, cap, and packaging. Making enough plastic to bottle 31.2 billion liters of water required more than 106 billion megajoules of energy.’

unknown.png › publication › b…

Bottled Water and Energy Fact Sheet - Pacific Institute

And more importantly;

‘Recycled plastic bottles use 76 percent less energy’

So even if each current Huel bottle was replaced by three recycled plastic Huel bottles it is still more efficient in energy usage, as well as generating much less waste

Emissions is also part of that equation, the consumption of energy further upstream, for example extracting and refining materials,has far more significance in global warming gas emissions than downstream energy consumption where connectivity is more likely with renewable energy generating sources. And product manufacturing with recycled materials is almost entirely downstream energy consumption

Possibility for us all to feel even better than we already do about reducing meat intake, land usage and water usage than we already do…’strong :muscle:

there’s plenty of options already around I guess - like FitShots - keychain containers/funnels that can hold up to 120ml