OK folks, you’ve waited long enough! This project we have been working on for 3 years and can now share the full story with you!


We have used a buchsteiner for so long and although it’s a good functional shaker, it never felt like Huel. We wanted to make our own shaker which:

  • Had the same functionality as our current shaker (i.e. made a great Huel)
  • Own-able, iconic design
  • Lockable cap
  • Cool, and be something people were proud to have
  • Not associated with protein shakers
  • Be cost effective enough we can give one away with every new order

We have done that and think this is something you Hueligans will be proud to own and walk around with, something that won’t explode in your bag or drip on your shoulder!

We’re so excited and to cap it off it is one of the winners of the iF Design Award 2021 for product design!

I’m sure you have a million questions about this one. Head to our site for more information, but here is some topline info:

  • White section is made from Tritan plastic, because:
    • Very strong
    • Anti-staining
    • Lightweight
    • Odour and taste resistant
    • Dishwasher durable; won’t warp or crack
    • Great to print on

All the above is important, because the buchsteiner absorbed colour, smells and wasn’t that strong. The logo used to rub off too and all this meant it didn’t last that long. We replaced a lot of shakers and know many would throw theirs away because of the above.

  • Carry loop - Easy to carry on the go, whilst carrying other stuff
  • Opaque - doesn’t matter what’s in it - always looks good
  • Detachable & lockable cap
    • Cap will no longer hit you in the face or drip on you
    • Won’t leak in your bag
  • Iconic look
    • Neutral design, less bulky and not associated with protein shakers.
    • Organic, intriguing aesthetic
  • One fill line at 500ml
    • Simplicity - the perfect experience at 500ml
    • Still easy to change the amount of water you add
    • Means that instructions for making Huel across USA and rest of world are more aligned, rather than ml/fl oz

Wow, lots of information. Let us know what you think, it’s been great reading your impression of it so far. You will be able to get 2 shakers for £10 for a limited time, one on the go, one in the dishwasher!


Congratulations, I have been waiting for this for such a long time!

It seems great and a sweet spot between a premium shaker and an affordable one.

I will probably cut the carry loop in one of the shakers :slight_smile:

PD. Would be great to know more about the design process of the bottle, people involved, prototypes, discarded designs…

PD: 2 bottles ordered!


Wish I could get one :confused:

Need to add more Hamsters to the wheel!

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Great thanks Tim!
Quick question, in your post above, you mention that the white part is made from Tritan plastic and is therefore dishwasher durable, but there’s no mention of the lid or strainer. Is the whole thing suitable for the dishwasher?

Hang in there!

Yes it is. The rest of the shaker is made from polypropylene but is absolutely fine for the dishwasher.

Thanks Adrián, that’s exactly it. We wanted something we could give away in every order. That was probably the biggest limitation in the process.

We worked with some great great people to do this. Was a long process, lots involved. We settled on a silhouette quite early and I’m proud how closely it stuck to the original sketch



What is the full capacity of the shaker? Is it viable to make a shake with as much as 700 or 750ml of water?


Is the 2x£10 offer available in the EU store? Or, in this case, 2x12€.

EDIT: nvm, I just answered my own question:

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Full capacity is just over 900ml. So you should have room, just a little less head room to shake.

Sounds good! I usually make 600kcal shakes and with BLACK that amounts to roughly 750ml of water.
I’ve been using the Blenderbottle pro 45 but that is quite annoying to wash. Hopefully this is better :).

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unfortunately thats where BlenderBottle are a bit sneaky - the big 45’s are not Tritan - they are the normal plastic material of their classic range or other standard shakers. I was pretty disappointed when I had one delivered and found that out. They’ve since changed the website so it no longer appears in the pro section and is in the classic now.

By contrast the smaller triton pro’s are really easy to clean even if the shake has dried out in it. SO high hopes for the new Huel bottles to be the same.

I like the sizing, but curious… Would that 900ml mean you add powder to the white section, put the black lid on, then fill with water or whatever passed the join?

Why would you release a new shaker the week after releasing a new flavour :frowning:! I stocked up on powder when strawberry was announced, will be months now before I get a new shaker :sob:

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Ordered two - but I do wonder how long it will be before I lose the cap! :see_no_evil:

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I guess would be sth like: Water, powder, close top half, add more water, screw the cap on.
I’m quite ok with that, as long as I have ample space inside the shaker for things to slosh around.

The most urgent thing that needs to be addressed is that the website’s loading graphic still represents the old bottle. In this outdated style, the website is literally unusable! /s
Screenshot 2021-05-11 234541

On a serious note, really looking forward to receiving mine! Thanks for all the work you guys have put into this!


First task tomorrow morning hahah

Do new customers get the new shaker with their first order?
Is it unetchical to make a new account to get a free shaker with the next order?
asking for a friend

Can someone please take a photo of the inside of the new shaker? I’d like to know if it’s all rounded on the inside, or if it still has “corners”.

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Hello Tim, I just checked the order confirmation and it seems that the shakers werent added… I specifically made purchase for the bottles.

Or there was a technical problem on the shopping cart or I am the dumbest hueligan. And the second one seems about right.

Is it too late to get the bottles? :frowning: :frowning:

Edit: Seems that there was indeed a technical problem. On the Huel order page the bottles appear, but not on the email confirmation, in case you want to check that out.