The shaker bottle is a joke

My first impression was really positive when I opened my package, it was neatly packaged, it looked really nice. The shirt from my first order was great, I love it. The shaker bottle sucks, the cap is a free cap which means it could be lost easily, I think it should be able to connect to the neck of the bottle and be taken off to put it in the dish washer. The quality of the shaker cup was cheap too, felt like something you get for free from a advertising stand or something like that. I would not buy this shaker out of pocket if I had an option. The filter which is their wisk, sucks, there is usually always clumps that are not dissolved with the milk. This shaker bottle needs a wisk or something better. If you are using milk instead of water I think it be better to use a small blender instead of this bottle.

Aside from that, the product its self is great, delicious, the macros are great, except that I would like to see if the 17g of fat could be reduced somehow, everything else is on point. I use fair life whole milk with this and total macros I get 66g protein, 36g carb, 33g fat, and 700 calories.

You did get it for free on your first order, didn’t you? :wink:

Why do I feel I am the only one that NEVER, I repeat: NEVER, get any clumps in my Huel? Despite using the same bottles everyone else uses. Maybe shake it harder? For more time?

I couldn’t agree more with this, the entirely detached cap design is a no-go for me, really not handy for using it while training, always have to re-screw in-between sips

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No lumps for me and I don’t even try very hard on the shakety shake shake


Securing the cap to the body of the shaker isn’t difficult. A little tape and a bit of string and you’re sorted.

No lumps here either. I do the shimmy-shake (as described) tho’ now I call it ‘the disco mix’.

If only life was all as simple. :man_dancing:

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I must admit I tend not to get clumps using their shaker.

But if I am honest I’ve taken to using a blender as it’s just more convenient for me.

The Blender I use.

It’s alright and then things are most definitely smooth as silk, but I never really had an issue with the shaker. The blender allows me to add ice cubes to make it colder, which is a nice touch. I could add ice cubes to the shaker… but I never have trialed that.


I have the same blender, it’s great and very convenient. Lately I just shake and leave in the fridge because it’s smooth enough for me like that. But if I’m feeling fancy I’ll use the blender every so often.


I too have that blender. Very useful, though I do tend to use the shaker more often than not.


Another vote for the Breville Blend Active.

If I do use the new shaker, I make up two at the same time and pretend that they’re battle ropes for a quick 2 minute workout. No lumps and almost as smooth as the blender.

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Thanks for the message, I’m glad overall that you have had a great experience with the main product - the food! Our shaker isn’t for everyone, but there are a ton of different shakers on the market which you can experiment with. We’re very happy with the Huel shaker, but I’ll respond to your points.

It ‘could’ be, but have you lost it? Feels like this is a problem that doesn’t exist for you right now. However, we make spare lids, so if you do actually lose it then just drop a message to the customer experience team and they’ll send you a new one free of charge.

Our last shaker, the Buchsteiner, had a cap which was tethered to the shaker. The complaints we got here were around liquid in the cap dripping on shoulders/heads/clothes. By making the cap removable this problem is solved.

Perhaps we could have created something attached, but removable, however this creates more parts, which will lead to more moulds/more cost as well as more areas which could break.

The shaker is made of Tritan plastic which is opposite of cheap. It’s incredibly hardwearing, impact-resistant, resistant to stains and odours, has exceptional dishwasher durability and is still very light. All qualities which were very important to us when designing this shaker.

We will have to disagree here. I’ve had a ton of free ‘protein shakers’ in my time, this shaker feels nothing of the sort.

It’s not technically a whisk, it helps with mixability for sure, but as much as it blocks you from consuming larger lumps. It mainly works as an ice-guard, but has a benefit of helping slightly with the lumps too.

It sounds like overall you like the product, and thanks for the feedback. Definitely get yourself a blender, as I think you’re going to have a much more enjoyable time with Huel!


Keep the detached cap please. The attached one was a horrible nightmare that keeps bopping your forehead while trying to drink your Huel


You can easily fold it back to the bottle, and keep it attached there while you drink and hold the bottle in your hand :slight_smile:

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I can’t understand why so many people didn’t/ don’t do this. Admittedly I didn’t at first and suffered from the drips etc, issues.

There won’t be any drips if you either lick the excess Huel off the cap or wipe it before drinking. I lick mine. I also drink my Huel with the attached cap turned to the side. If you bend the hinged flap back and let go it will hold its position away from the side of your head while you’re drinking.


All of those are good ways of getting around the problem of having the cap attached. Another way is not to attach the cap…


Which causes a lot of other problems thought :slight_smile:

Agreed! I prefer it detached too. It’s never been a problem when having a bottle of water and I don’t think I’ve ever lost a lid before (and I lose everything!).

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Funny enough, I lost two lids on the weekend. One my baby daughter had taken to her play den. The other I’d left it in my wife’s Huel after I poured her Huel in…

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I’ve got 2 of the free huel shakers.
At first I really disliked them now I tolerate them.
Yes the cap not being attached is stupid and is a design from 1980. I have about 10 other shaker bottles all with an attached cap and all work great with never having dripped on me.
IMO the white plastic is great.
They hold the right amount of drink for me but the design is poor being it does not fit in my cars cup holders. I’ve never had a shaker bottle that didn’t fit. Taper design would have been much better

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As in topic - the plastic shaker sucks.

  • it’s easily damaged, all my shakers have broken pins
  • it takes on odors, which doesn’t bother me with Huel itself, but I can’t get rid of the smell from dishwasher detergent
  • is less hygienic, I left an empty shaker in my backpack once and it went rancid a bit, I can’t get rid of the stench no matter what I do

I would be happy to have the option of another more resistant shaker. A metal one with a ceramic coating inside would be perfect, but metal alone is ok too. More durable shaker lasts longer, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint, less waste and at least one happier customer :wink:

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