Which drinking bottle is best for Huel?

I’ve done a fair chunk of research in drinking bottles. There are four main types, glass, stainless steel, aluminium and plastic. All have their pros and cons. Glass is probably the nicest to drink from, easy to clean, but does break pretty easy. Plastic is probably the most practical, it’s cheap, hard to break and easy to clean (shaker have a wide neck so you can actually get your hard inside and get to the hard to reach places), but they can smell a bit.

Stainless steel seems to offer a compromise between plastic and glass. It’s unbreakable, doesn’t smell, but is a bit more expensive. So for me it seems to be horses for courses.

My plan is to use a shaker for the gym like this:

A glass one for around house, like this:

And a stainless steel one at all other times:


I like the look of those, are there any plans to put any of them into production? The first one (the shaker) looks really smart. Not too sure about the second one, is that some sort of screw lid it has on it?

Hi McCloud, thanks for the comment.

The plan to put the shaker (1st pic) and the stainless steel (3rd picture) into production. The glass jar is one of my personal favourite and ideal for drinking in the car due to the straw, but they are hard to come by in the UK. I’ve got three myself, they are Ball mason jars, and yes the lid is screw on, they are dishwasher safe, glass with a stainless steel straw.


Nice one. On second thoughts, they are pretty smart them glass ones. I take it the stainless steel ones keep the drink cold?

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None of those three are double walled vacuum bottled. I didn’t consider them but it would push the price up and and reduce the volume that the bottle could hold. But if enough people want to keep their drink cold I get them in.

Here is nice insulated bottled

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I’ve actually got one of those, it’s really really good, worth every penny.

Update on the bottle front: I found the optimal solution for me now: A 1.5 litre SIGG bottle. It contains half of my days calorie requirement and thus will get me through normal working days until dinner. The wide bottleneck helps with filling in the pre-mixed huel or powder.



Hi Julian,

With regards to the white bottle did these ever make it into production? I like the look of them and would be a bit nicer sitting on my desk than the plastic shaker!


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Hi @Fitz

Not the white bottle above but we do sell this white bottle: http://huel.me/products/stainless-steel-bottle

It’s stainless steel, strong, and looks good. But it’s not practical as a shaker, the neck is too small to add powder. But if you mix Huel first then pour the liquid in the bottle works well.


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I’m using the Breville Blend Active and 2 included bottles (£20 on Amazon.co.uk). They’re 600ml and I find they hold 2-3 scoops with sufficient water to make the mix drinkable.

Blending gets all lumps out in under 10 seconds. The neck is wide enough to add huel with the included scoop and the drinking lid hasn’t leaked for me yet.

After mixing my 2 morning drinks, one of them gets topped up with ice to keep it cooler for longer.

I plan to buy another pack for the office. That’ll give me 4 bottles a day without needing to wash up in the day. They’re dishwasher safe too.

The blender and bottles have been used for a few months now (for my milk and whey prior to huel). They have stood up well and don’t retain any taste or colour.

Not insulated though. But about as cheap as regular shakers with the added option of blending fruit etc.


Same thing I’m using, excellent solution.

These self stir mugs are ridiculous but quite good when you pour it out of a thermos at the desk,

I’ve been using a bottle from company ‘my protein’. It mixes better than the one supplied by you. It is plastic but has a stainless steel springy ball to help mixing and seems to work. It does not completely remove all lumps though. They’re just less and smaller

Oh, I want the glass jar! It looks easy to clean. The metal bottles that Huel sell at the moment look impossible to clean.

I love the current SS bottle, but the million turns to unscrew/rescrew the top gets annoying. Well, in comparison to the easy pop off lid of the shaker bottle anyway.

I mix four bottles worth of Huel with a blender each night and refridgerate the bottles for the next day, would love a set of stainless steel bottles with easy open lids.

I know it’s styl over substance, the shaker bottles do just fine, but I prefer to carry something a bit fancier around.

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They’re not too bad actually. The neck is small but don’t forget… Huel is water soluble so rinsing/shaking with hot water cleans it out just fine.


I’ve gone for one of these, holds 1 meal which is fine for me, wide top to fill and a wide mouth piece!


Oh and it doesn’t drip chalky fluid everywhere!

For my shaker, the bigger the better (I already own a Core150). So, I’m very glad to see this brand-new Pro45 shaker from BlenderBottle : 1,33 L !

Can’t wait to see it available in Europe.

I currently use the Huel Plastic shaker, i’ve dropped it a few times (once down the flight of stairs at work) and it held up! Only suggestion though is if it would be possible to perhaps make it fit cup holders in cars!! I end up using a USN Tornado Shaker that fits in cupholders. It has a screw on section at the base to allow for additional huel reserves which i dont use. So yeah. Cup holder shaped shakers would be awesome!

This is something that has bugged @Julian a fair bit. There isn’t a standardised size for cup holders through cars it seems, so making them fit is a nightmare. The shaker fits in my cup holder for example, but it’s something that we are aware of and want to change as best we can.