Good bottle to put Huel in?

I take my Huel out of the house with me and do a bit of work in coffee shops from time to time so I’m looking for a good bottle I can put the Huel in to drink.

The protein shaker looks a bit strange when I whip it out in public so I’m after something that is a bit more discrete and looks like a water bottle. Plus it probably doesn’t go down well in a cafe when I should be ordering food!

I guess it would need a wide mouth and not be see through and be about 800 ml.

I’ve been looking in the shops but not seen anything suitable. Any tips or plans to make a Huel bottle?


I use these:

I ordered the same brand as Marcus but the 1L bottle, so that version should fit the volume you’re looking for.

Oh yeah, sorry, I missed the bit where he said 800ml, but I have now edited it to show the 1.1L version.

Thanks, have ordered the 800ml one so will see what its like.

Just a word of caution: the downside to using a water bottle is they’re a nightmare to clean properly. Make sure you wash it out thoroughly as soon as you’re finished, or the film of Huel on the sides will gradually harden and stink up. I’d also advise drinking it fairly quickly, rather than taking sips over a few hours, for the same reason.

The advantage with the protein shake bottles is the top doesn’t taper at all, so you can easily get your hand in to give it a good scrub, but even then if you forget to clean it out the Huel can dry to the point where even vigorous manual scrubbing makes little to no difference. That said I’ve only used plastic bottles, so maybe metal ones don’t suffer from this so much?

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This is true, actually, they can stink sometimes and then require an extra cleaning.

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I have a 800ml klean kanteen, but without a wide mouth. May I recommend:
You can find them in lots of online stores that sell sports bottles and camping gear, but this particular brush is what I have and it really helps so much I find myself using it even when it’s not necessary. Got mine from Amazon.

Thanks for the tips. I was planning on making the Huel in the morning then drinking in the afternoon.

I use the regular protein shakers and usually make my Huel the night before and then drinking during the following day.

I’ve not had any issues with stinking or hardening but will keep an eye on the new bottle.

There are similar brushes and cleaning tablets on Amazon that should do the trick.


We are currently in the process of producing an epic bottle that not only looks great but is also easy to clean and can hold a full litre! It will still take some time to make, but it is in the pipeline!


@TimOfficeHuel Any plans for a 2L bottle like the Soylent one?

Am I the only one that would prefer smaller bottles?
I drive lorries and like to space huel out throughout the day. I like the container to fit in the cup holder and ideally I like it ice cold. I make huel up at night and take with me for the day. So far not found anything I’d recommend :frowning: all large sport type bottles are to big to handle easily or store easily. Product gets warm unless you’ve a stomach like a space hopper.

Thinking of trying this…

It’s insulated. Might keep huel cool.

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I got the Glogg one in 750ml size. It’s great but now after seeing that blue one above I think I’d prefer one with a straw as it would be less messy.

Although as huel is quite thick, the straw would need to be thick too.

Hi, can you make it a bit slimmer too. The original shaker won’t fit in my cup holder in the car. So taking to work get a bit precarious. Thanks.

Costa coffee outlet straws are pretty good if you…ahem…appropriate some while passing.
Actually costa coffee outlets have been pretty kind to me by filling my shaker with tap water when I’ve been out ‘on the road’

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We don’t have any direct plans to make a large bottle/jug that large, the reason being it doesn’t fit in the fridge! If there is a demand we would certainly consider it, so thanks for mentioning it!

But people fit normal 2 litre bottles into the fridge somehow…

@Kirsty did you ever pick up one of those bottles? Is the straw wide enough to get the Huel through?

I bought the Glogg bottle

It’s good but I’d rather have one with a straw as the lid can make a mess when I put it down on the desk, etc.