What do you drink Huel out of?

Ummm so this might be a weird question, but here goes.

What do you drink your Huel from that means you don’t get it all over your face/nose?!

I like using the Huel shaker but if I want to take my Huel to work I don’t want something see through as my colleagues don’t really “get it” and think I’m just having slimfast or some other kind of rubbish diet drink. I know I should just say who cares but I’m pretty new in the team and trying to fit in lol

So, I’d rather drink it from something non see through and ideally that doesn’t look too much like a protein shaker. I have tried the stainless steel water bottles and other types of flask similar but I like my Huel fairly thick and I either end up with it on my nose/around my mouth, or if it’s one with a straw I can’t suck it up because it’s too thick.

Any recommendations - specific bottles or just type/size/etc?! I can’t keep walking round with dried Huel on my face…

I don’t think it’s a weird question at all! I use this Contigo one mostly, though it’s unfortunately discontinued https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/815SrTp3J5L.SX425.jpg there are other versions an Amazon etc. It’s leak proof with a wide enough mouth to easily drink through. I wanted another one but not a 3-pack, so my backup/extra Huel meal is in a Kilner jar, so it just looks like a smoothie, but not as easy to drink from/carry around.

A pint glass with the name of a local cider firm on it mainly.


I totally get what you mean, and hope that they don’t judge people based on what they eat! Obviously we would love for you to drink your Huel from something Huel branded and eventually you’ll be proud to be a Hueligan! If something Huel branded but opaque and less protein shake like was available would that solve the problem for you? We’re always looking to improve so this is great feedback!


That would be ideal! Maybe something stainless steel or similar that would keep it cool too? No pressure…

Kinda see through but I guess the branding would distract my colleagues and send them into hysterics that I might be desk drinking…


Thanks I will check those out!

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Stainless steel wouldn’t keep it cold, but making it double-wall insulated would. However the trade off is cost and size, the shaker would have to be massive to fit in a Huel meal with room to shake and mix. But this has been raised before and is definitely interesting! Thanks :hugs:

I’d happily sacrifice the keeping it cold bit if it kept the size down; the keeping it off my face bit is the more important for me!

Yeah stainless steel, whooop!!!

I use this one. https://uk.hydroflask.com/en_gb/24-oz-standard-mouth-flex/color,black,a,92,o,20

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It’s really nice (like all the colours) but with the wide mouth I end up with it round my face and then my lipstick smears everywhere and I look like the Joker… maybe I’m just being super fussy and can’t drink!! Or maybe I need to make it thinner and just use a straw :frowning: boring…

@salp123 What sort of shape did you have in mind?

I don’t really mind the shape of the bottle, more the mouthpiece… I like the mouth of the Huel shaker I just don’t like that the shaker itself is see-through :thinking::flushed:

Oh. I didn’t think about that. I very rarely wear lipstick myself.


I have a frosted Huel shaker which I like much better than the clear. Does it have to be completely opaque?

Gosh I’m sounding so fussy but yes preferably completely opaque… in my work you get judged if you ate burger and chips for lunch and judged if you try something different/healthy, so I just want to pretend I’m having water or whatever in there. I knoooow I shouldn’t care what people think and I wish I could be like that but part of the reason I use Huel is to help me lose weight by managing my calories better, and give myself a bit of confidence and I’m just not there yet! Doing well but not quite!


So what are you supposed to eat to ‘fit in’?

I use my Huel shaker or, if at home I decent from the blender and use an ale tankerd.

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Supermarket meal deal seems to be the only acceptable lunch format for whatever reason! That or sushi but I can’t eat that anyway because of allergies. Strange place I’m in…