Which drinking bottle is best for Huel?



@Tubby_Graver we are designing a new bottle as the moment. Amazingly there is no universal size for cup holders. So it’s tricky if not impossible to get one that will fit all cars (just slightly annoying). We even called several manufactures and even they don’y even have a universal size across all their cars. The new bottle will have a smaller base but I can’t promise it will fit your car. You can get a cup holder adapter, but there are not always easy to find - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gadjits-Keeper-Holder-Adapter-Trucks/dp/B004ZL9CFO5

What is your wishlist for Huel?


I like the look of that glass jar with the screw lid and Huel logo. Similar to what I’m using, and mine fits in my car holder perfectly :grinning:




Awesome! Well i’ll be looking forward to the updated bottle in future then! but for the time being i’ll just have to suffice with writing Huel on the side of my travel shaker. Huel stickers would be an idea!


Glogg Wide-Neck 750ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle - Carabiner Top

I use one of those which is great. But I’ve hopefully got one of the straw lids for it coming my way.

I’d quite like one that I don’t have to tip so might get a Camelbak Eddy as it has a long straw - just not sure if its thick enough for Huel?

Camelbak Eddy Drinking Bottle


A[quote=“Quidditch, post:14, topic:15, full:true”]
Oh, I want the glass jar! It looks easy to clean. The metal bottles that Huel sell at the moment look impossible to clean.

My thoughts too


@Tubby_Graver and @Quidditch I do like the glass jars. But three issues, easy to break, not good for shaking up Huel (due to hole in the lid), and doesn’t fit in most cup holders.

We have a new bottle in production which hopefully solve all problems.


Excellent look forward to it


@JCW I really like the Eddy as a water bottle, but would not recommend it for Huel. The straw of the Eddy should be thick enough for Huel to drink it, but the mouthpiece is very difficult to clean. I am solely using Eddy for water, as they changed colour towards black-ish after drinking juices from it. Even regular cleaning does not seem to solve the problem and given the price for the mouth pieces I refrained from drinking anything but water.


I’ve just seen this on Massdrop:

Its a 16Above Insulated Steel Bottle.
It seems to have a nice wide neck and should be able to clean nicely.
It may not be large enough for some of you, but I only use around 350/400ml of water myself.

Might not be great to mix in, although the tea strainer might make a nice mixing bottle.
I was planning to use it after I mixed in the blender, and pour it in there.



@JosRoot thanks for the info. Will scrap that one then!

My wish list is;

  • non-transparent so I can drink Huel in secret (maybe with a thin transparent line like a kettle so I can see how full it is)

  • straw so I don’t have to tip it up (good for cycling etc)

  • no need to take lid off so I can drink one handed and the lid doesn’t make a mess when I set it down

  • wide neck so easy to pour into

  • easy to clean

  • 600+ ml

  • optional sleeve so it doesn’t get condensation in my bag when its been in the fridge

Good luck!


@JCW I agree - I have the Eddy and I can’t imagine drinking huel through the mouth piece and cleaning will be a nightmare.

@JosRoot have you tried using a Milton tablet to clean your bottle? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Milton-Sterilising-Tablets-28/dp/B001PML5WO/ref=sr_1_1?s=baby&ie=UTF8&qid=1465683522&sr=1-1&keywords=milton+tablets they have pretty much cleaned any drink/tea/coffee stains from cups for me


Thanks, will not get the Eddy then and will keep searching.


If anyone likes a bargain I’ve just picked up a snazzy looking, slimline 650 ml BPA free bottle for £2.49 from B&M

It has a flip up nozzle with a straw attached and looks easy enough to keep clean

That’s all for now …


Very snazzy indeed.


If we’re sharing bottles, here’s my choice: Nalgene ‘On The Fly’ from www.reusablebottle.co.uk.
May be pricy for some at £10.99 each, but they have an easy drink spout, with sealing lid and metal locking latch, which forms a handy finger carry handle. They’re also really easy to open up and clean - at 650ml each they’re perfect for my day of Huel using 2600ml of filtered water and 400g of Huel, blended in 2 sessions in a 1500ml blender.


Just found a nice one on Amazon, quite cool if you like lions !


I like these ones :grin:


I think these are great, the only disadvantage is the capacity (500ml).

The good thing about them are that the mouth is big enough for ice cubes, it fits in a car drinks holder, and it’s insulated! The customer reviews are great too.

Personally, I like drinking out of metal rather than plastic too. My preference wuold be glass, but it’s not quite as piratical.

Amazon link: http://amzn.to/28XNwCV


Obviously the problem with all of these alternatives is actually getting the Huel into the bottle and not having to pre blend it. If only someone would come up with a solution to this…


Does that ‘…’ mean Huel are about to release a solution?! :slight_smile:

The best solution I’ve found so far is the Breville Active-Blend - and there’s an incredibly amazing review on this wonderful site: http://pookey.co.uk/wordpress/breville-blend-active-blender-review/ (shameless self promotion warning :wink: )

It’s powerful enough to blend at least a 4-scoop Huel, although I never put more than 3 scoops into one of my meals.