Glass shaker/bottle options?


Anyone found a decent glass bottle or shaker option for Huel. I don’t use the plastic shakers any more as they stink after while and you can’t get the smell to go away!

I use a stainless bottle every day for work, but I want another bottle and fancy trying a glass one. I’ve seen the Blender Bottle Radian Glass which looks good but a bit pricey, though if its worth it I’ll give it a go. They also do a stainless steel insulated version which looks good too.

Any other options out there?


Nice ideas. Love how they protect the glass one - definitely prefer drinking out of glass than anything else and obviously has the benefit of being the most inert. Surely wouldn’t the plastic protection around it end up having the same odour as if the whole thing was plastic though?

It is silicone not plastic… And is less prone to smelling bad… But can do if not cleaned properly or stored with something smelly. Theoretically the huel should only be on the inside which is glass so should not smell like plastic. It’s a nice looking bottle… And I agree I prefer drinking out of glass… BUT the spout is not glass.

I’d definitely buy a nicer shaker if there was one available! I was hoping there might be a glass one or something not plastic in development.

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I’d better add it to the list then :blush:


Anything else you would like this bottle to feature? Would you want it to be in addition to the normal shaker? Like a premium upgrade/add-on? Or something free with all first-time orders - possibly pushing glass out due to expense.

I suppose you could have it a premium product? I don’t know if first timers would choose to buy it if they are just trying huel out? For those of us trying to reduce plastic consumption it would be good to have another option though :blush: I have Huel for 2 of my meals and would be great to have a nicer shaker to drink out of everyday! Thanks!


I think it would be an addition, and a good one too, rather than with first order. It’d be good to cut down on plastic for sure…but expense may put noobs off. If you could nail the price point tho…

Either way, I’d definitely be getting one or two…especially if the branding doesn’t peel off.