Which drinking bottle is best for Huel?


I’ll always be a shaker, so the solution won’t address the blending! But I have heard good things about the Breville.


Just ordered this one on Amazon Prime, so it should be here tomorrow ready for a test run for Monday.

Less than a tenner, 800ml so it’ll fit an entire shaker’s worth of Huel in it.

For weekday office use, I’ll prepare it in the shaker as usual (4 scoopses) leave it to thicken for a bit, top it up to 700ml again, shake and then pour the shaker bottle contents into the new bottle, stick it in the world’s warmest fridge at the office, wait for lunchtime to happen then apply to face.


Sahara Sailor 800ml stainless steel bottle arrived yesterday. It’s worth noting that it’s tall and thin, you can fit it into a standard sized bicycle mount. It’s very light when empty.

I washed it out last night, did four scoops in the shaker, put in water to 700ml, stirred with a fork (I can’t be bothered with washing a blender), shook it for twenty seconds, left it for twenty minutes, filled it up to 700ml again, shake it (I like to think the ice-catcher barrier in the Huel shaker does the de-lumping) and then poured it into the steel bottle from the shaker, twisted the cap on and then to test for leaks left it on the side in my fridge all night filled with Huel.

No leaks overnight, steel bottle easy to clean.

Size comparisons:

Sahara Sailor 800ml bottle next to standard Huel shaker

And size of opening size comparison using the standard Huel scoop. It’s slightly too small to get the Huel scoop in it but it sits on top nicely, so the opening is pretty much the same size.

Huel scoop sits nicely on top of Sahara Sailor bottle top

Early indicators are that it doesn’t leak, it’s easy to wash and dry (opening size means you can shove an entire towel inside to dry it) and it’s only £9.99 on Amazon. So that’s twice the price of a plastic Huel shaker, but I wouldn’t put the Huel shaker on it’s side in the company fridge at work in case someone knocked the plastic top off, whereas the steel bottle has a threaded twist on top which isn’t going to get bumped off.


Not so :slight_smile:

I got one of the metal huel bottles and washing it is a synch: I just half fill it with boiling water and shake it hard a few times and empty it out.

Then I just wash it like I would if it’d had coffee or something in it.

Huel’s water soluble so it’s been easy so far.


I’ve got so many bottles now I could feature on a channel 4 documentary about hoarders !!!

Had no problems cleaning any of them, all have their pros and cons, but my most regular used is probably the pint like plastic cup I picked up at Sainsburys with a straw through the screw on lid. It just sits in my car holder easily and is simple to use whilst on long journeys

My favourite is the stainless steel double walled bottle with lion art, but that’s just a nice bottle to look at :wink:


Hurls metal bottle is now in the bin. The lid was poor, kept getting stuck on and just kept turning and turning . Also white coating started peeling off.


I’ve got loads of bottles too, keep trying to find the perfect one!

[quote=“Tubby_Graver, post:45, topic:15”]
I picked up at Sainsburys with a straw through the screw on lid
[/quote]How thick is the straw? Does Huel have any trouble going through it?

I’m looking at something like this so I can drink without having to take the lid off or tip the bottle up:

OXO Good Grips Twist Top Water Bottle - Blue


I’ve always used straws with Huel and had no issues. The thick plastic straws are best but normal straws work fine too. I like my Huel thick too, 3 scoops per 300ml of water


This is the one I use. a little pricey but best I’ve come across. It does have a removable grid (which I use) as well as a metal mixer ball which I never have.


If kept in fridge overnight it is a bit cold to touch, but having used it daily for 3 months now used to it.


Does anyone have one of these? I’m waiting for the Stainless Steel version to come back in stock:



There was a brief discussion last year: Promixx 2 rechargeable blender


Yeah, don’t get the Promixx 2.0. They break exceptionally easily just through common use. Used mine 2-3 times a day for a month, deliberately being careful with it because of reviews saying it breaks easily. Lo and behold about a month in the button to activate the vortex just stopped having any effect (even when charged). Contacted them because they have a 1 year warranty, they said to send in the broken part, so I used Royal Mail special delivery. Wait 2 months and contact them, only for them to claim not to have received it. £40 down the drain.


Thanks. Will give a straw bottle a try.


I’m a newby Hueller, and was disappointed with the leaky shaker that came with my first order.

As I commute by motorcyle, I need something compact to travel with.
I ordered a couple of these :- MyProtein SmartShaker.
I find that 600ml is the perfect size for a single meal, and the larger of the two add-on containers is the perfect size for three scoops of Huel if you pack it down well.

I put three scoops into one of the larger add-on containers and connect it to a smaller container then put these inside the shaker. Then put another three scoops into a second larger container, and attach to the bottom of the shaker itself.
That gives me two pre-measured meals worth of Huel in a compact container ideal to take to work for the day in my backpack.

I wish Huel would oem these, as I would prefer the Huel branding on the side! :wink:

If you decide to try them - remember to take the mixer out of the bottle for the first shake, or it will overflow when you try to put the top on!


I’m actually really enjoying the Sistema 800 ml Gripper Bottle, Black
Yes, you have to make the Huel first before putting it in the bottle, but the twist lid is very clean and convenient.

You can also squeeze the bottle to hurry it out into your mouth instead of waiting for the thick Huel to slide down the bottle!

If you get the black one, you can drink Huel on the DL in coffee shops and places like that and it just looks like probably water.

The straw ones work well too, but can leave a tiny bit of mess in the lid bit which is hard to get out without a cloth.

Twist cap seems to be the best option for me so far.


Any plan to update the drinking bottle? It doesnt optimise well the space for the liquid volume that it has. Very tall for what it is


I use the bottles that fit on my blender .
Blend it .Blade off lid on .
Saves on the washing up


I realise this was a year ago but I can’t help but comment - If it was sent Special Delivery there will be signed proof it was delivered. As soon as the parcel is with Royal Mail your consumer liability is gone, the responsibility is with RM and any disagreement about delivery is between RM and those dodgy Promixx folk. I hope you fought for your rights on this :frowning:


I did indeed get my money back, but thanks for the concern :slight_smile:


Check out the MOUS shaker, one of the prettiest design I have seen but it doesnt optimise the space… Still looking for the final bottle… Using now the Sistema Plastic 650ml and the square one