Which drinking bottle is best for Huel?


@Julian @TimOfficialHuel

Dont thank me, this is the ultimate design, the one that Huel needs. On real life the colours seems much worse, but the concept is pretty powerful. With a removable upper part to put Huel.

The perfect capacity is around 650 ml, the lid is too big and the plastic is ugly on real photos, its too opaque.

If you correct that you have the ultimate Huel bottle. I just bought the steel bottle

PS. I have a friend that is going to put a professional HUEL vinyl on it, I am not sure where to put it, any recommendation?


Hello @Julian I just checked and the Huel shaker has wrong ml measurements, i compared with other bottles and even calculated exactly the ml and they are all wrong, its pretty strange. Could you check this with your team?


How much difference are you talking about?
I checked mine with 400ml and it’s the same in my non Huel shaker. But in my glass jug it was about 1 mm under the 400ml line.


If the day’s worth is 2,000kcal:

I would usually go for 3.5 scoops with 500ml (~500/550kcal), 4 times = 2L with some extra room if you like it more watery. I would perhaps mix is outside that shaker or prepare it overnight.

It should last OK during the day, as long as you keep it in room temperature. That bottle might be a little hard to wash though. And if you do not do it properly, it will smell like Huel pretty fast.