Huel kept cool - Camelbak Chute

Have been using an insulated bottle for my lunch time Huel for about a year.

Make up 2 shakers the night before- have 1 for breakfast and the other gets decanted into an insulated bottle for lunch. Easier for carrying in bag as not worried about leaks and keeps it chilled without a fridge. Also stops colleagues from commenting on my shaker with ‘eww what is that?!’ -sigh-

Anyway! Found a Camelbak Chute in TKMaxx for £15! Much cheaper than online and looks smart.



This is a great idea… would allow me to make my Huel the night before with Ice cold water at home too and save time and not as cold water in the office.

I already use a seethrough Chute for water during the day and fits nicely in the side of my rucksack, this would sit nicely in the other-side.

I am guessing when it gets to lunch you just give it a really good shake to get it blending, and then drink it? How do you find that works without having the ice blocker, which also works as something to help it blend - is it still nice and smooth due to making it in a shaker previously?


I stopped using the ice blocker a while ago. I use a spring mixing ball in my shaker but don’t move that across to the bottle for lunch.

Have found the water separates a bit but giving a good shake sorts that. Yeah it’s just as smooth as my morning Huel which has been made in the shaker.

Interesting. I’ve got a spring ball or two kicking about, now wondering if it blends better with that than the ice stopper, I might have to investigate.

Thanks for the info. Going to have to look into getting one of these maybe as would save me time at work like I said and would mean my drink is reply cold as sounds like the bottle keeps it cold for hours.

I am using Chutes and Hydroflasks 600ml all the time as well. Keeps the huel cold!

Hiya! Do you know if all TK Maxx carry this? It looks great!

In addition, did you make your Huel in here, or did you blend it and decant it into the bottle?

Made it in a shaker and left overnight before decanting in the morning

Not sure, sorry. HomeSense (tkmaxx home stores) also does them as saw them there a few days ago.

Sorry for the bump, but I just bought one of these. I tried mixing the Huel in it and it was a disaster - very lumpy - and my mixer ball is too wide for it. It’s good to read that mixing in the Huel shaker first then pouring it in works. I want to be able to take it into the office.

I think the OP said they mixed in shaker first not straight in the camelbak.

Yes, that’s why I said it was good to read that mixing in the Huel shaker first then pouring it in works. :smiley:

Mixing in the flask wouldn’t work for making it cool anyway… seeing as flasks are designed to keep liquids at the temperature that they are put in there, how would you make it cool??
Mixing it and refrigerating it first then decanting into a flask for transportation is the only thing that makes any sense

Ah right; I thought you bought one off the back of reading about it here…as you were :stuck_out_tongue:

I always make Huel with cold water from the fridge.