Bottle to keep Huel Cool

I’m sure other bottles are available, but I found this on Amazon and have been very impressed with it. It didn’t break the bank and keeps lunch nice and cool when I’m out for the day - and removes any excuse my subconscious might come up with to have something less healthy instead. (10Kg down, 10Kg to go…)

What do other people use to keep Huel Cool?


That looks good Jeremy…stylish and effective…and gets good reviews too.

I use a Camelbak Thermal Chute bottle for my lunch time Huel.

It’s a bit pricier than the one mentioned above. Keeps everything chilled and stops people in the office asking too many questions or making comments that I’m ‘on Slim Fast’ or that I ‘can’t keep it up in the long run’ despite me using Huel for over a year…