[Recommendation] Chillys Bottles for storing huel

Hey, I came across this website that sells high quality water bottles in a few different sizes. And thought of you guys. Keeps liquids cold for up to 24hrs & hot for up to 12hrs. I was originally looking for a new water bottle for work, but now had the idea I can store my huel in one of these! :+1:

Plus the design of the bottles looks awesome

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Thanks Lee for the message! I love the chilly’s bottles and currently have one sitting on my desk. I like the idea of keeping Huel in them, although I just use mine for water and coffee. The problem would be that you would need to shake/blend it up and pour it in which is a bit of a hassle. But definitely a good idea.

Mine’s matt black, which seemed a great idea but has many scuffs on already! Should have gone stainless steel!

I bought my partner a matt purple one. They’re good, but the neck isn’t too wide so when pouring in Huel made up in my blender bottle it’s quite difficult to pour in without dribbling down the side of the bottle. We could use a funnel, but as Tim says, that’s just more hassle

I have a bottle made by Abataka which is perfect and looks great too

does it keep liquid hot for 12 hours?

i just bought one of these, works well, maybe a little expensive…https://www.amazon.co.uk/HELME-Stainless-Protein-Shaker-Bottle/dp/B01K7IUTNW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1484237207&sr=8-1&keywords=helme+shaker

easy to clean, has a grid thing and a steel ball. i don’t use the steel ball and it is fine. holds my 500ml liquid and 100g huel mix, and the tab on top is an outie not an innie, which means less annoying drips onto nose.

Haven’t tried yet. My coffee never lasts that long. I reckon if you had it closed the entire time, yes. But it you are opening it every now and then to pour then no.

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I have one very similar to that. The problem I find is that after refrigerating over night the metal is rather cold and unpleasant to hold while drinking!!

According to their website yes. They do state though the more times you open it the colder it will get… makes sense

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I understand Tim what you are saying. I was thinking more of if you was to prepare 2,3 batches in the morning, before work etc. I did notice the head is a bit narrow on the bottles, maybe using a funnel would a help?. :slight_smile:

I was thinking more of if you was at home, and was to prepare 2 or 3 batches for the day ahead. Obviously wouldn’t work for the guys who are out & about

Cheers, that’s pretty efficient then…quite tempted. Makes sense about the opening it.

Yeah, I get that…I have only been using it a couple days, so hoped it would be something I’d get used to…from your reply I guess not…it was something I hadn’t considered before buying it. Perhaps I need to get a koozie for it.

Yeah, I understand that would be the case. I find a decent thermos like that hard to find…wouldn’t use it for Huel, but plenty other applications.

This is the Abataka bottle:

I store mine in fridge in normal bottle and transfer into insulated bottle as I leave for work

they look the same as these bottles:

which are cheaper, however I’m cautious as a lot of the reviews look fake (or at least sponsored) anyone have any experience?

Hi, I was browsing when I saw this post and I thought I can share my thoughts and revive this thread a bit :slight_smile: I recently bought the below bottles for myself and my boyfriend. We travel a lot and during the time we are in London for more than 2 months we both hit the gym almost every day. So, a good bottle was always on my to-buy list. I came across the below bottles and got two stainless steel ones. The neck of the bottles is wide enough to put anything from protein shakes and ice cubes, to tea and smoothies, absolutely love them and can’t recommend these enough!


Not quite big enough to carry a full Huel meal though…I usually have 500-550 ml plus 100g Huel

I use the below, keeps drink cold all day, (7am- 8pm) even in the very hot temperatures we’ve had recently

Futurepace Tech Best Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle – BPA FREE – 600 ml - Perfect for Office, Fitness, Gym, Sports, Cycling, Hiking, Camping, Travel https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00WSEIM4M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_sQzszbMZDERG1