Keeping Huel Cold

I’m into my second week of Huel and today I’m trying 100% Huel to see how that fares.
I prefer my shake cold and make three servings the night before and keep them in the fridge over night (they taste better this way, I swear)
Anyway, the office I work in is large and we have one small fridge for the whole floor. I don’t want to keep my lunchtime shake in there.

I purchased a Thermos Stainless Steel Cold Cup from Amazon. It’s pricey but claims to keep drinks cold for 13 hours, it can hold one 3 scoop serving and comes with a straw! (selling point for me lol)

Just wanted to share my useful purchase and see if there are any alternatives for keeping shakes cold and convenient out there.

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I use this one. Love it.


I use Super Sparrow, works great for me.

That’s the one I use too.

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Going 100% next week… just ordered the chilly bottle off Amazon £12.99. Let’s hope it works