IDEAS on what to do with the used bags please

Come on now, keep it polite :wink:

Seeing as they’re not suitable for recycling & they are very sturdy pieces of construction, I’ve not been binning mine so am building up a little collection!..

Tried using as a bin liner but not very successful as too thick & cumbersome really.

I’ve read somewhere about an idea as a plant pot around the house, but haven’t been tempted to try that one yet.

Any other suggestions anyone? Theres got to be practical solution, surely?

thanks Huellerooles
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Chop it into strips and make homemade tinsel and streamers for Christmas.

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Just a few here, not sure if they are suitable and not really tried any yet - but just throwing these out there…

  • Freezer bags
  • Cut slits in the top and use as small bags for shopping? (not sure about that one)
  • Use them to store different bits and bobs in your garden shed / garage
  • Huel lunch pack - put your Huel / food and other bits in for the day and bung in the work fridge, then when anybody asks what Huel is - bang, friend referral!

I’ll update if I can think of any more, but could be interested to see if anybody else comes up with any other ideas?

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Both freezer bag and lunch bag seem plausible given the seal (on the newer bags).

It’s gonna be storage bags really isn’t it. Not much else.

Hats. It has to be hats.


Two bags filled with hot water and some essential oils would make a nice foot spa

Alternatively, fill with ice in summer for a portable feet cooling system

  1. Futuristic pants
  2. Tent for hamsters
  3. Composting bag for leftover food

I’m fairly sure you can see though the bags - just.

In which case, I think they would make a great sun protector. Simply put the empty bag over your head and you’re done.


I thought Huel was carbon neutral?!
This doesn’t seem to be?!

Go Upcycling!

Some great ideas and some hilariously great ideas being chucked around here. Love the idea of using the Huel bags as plant pots and as a lunch box (get those referrals in!). Instead of a bin liner, why not just a bin? Keep it by your desk and fill it up? No need for the actual bin.

Show us some photos of what you get up to. We still have plenty of old bags to get through here in HQ but doesn’t mean we can’t be creative.

Perhaps a convenient easel for you artists?

Somewhere @Julian (or someone in the Huel team) put up a photo of the amount of waste an entire year’s worth of Huel generates, and it wasn’t much.

I appreciate that some waste is worse than no waste, but compared to the average amount of waste on a standard diet, I can only imagine it’s significantly less.

Last weekend I made a chilli. Here’s the list of ‘waste’ (even though some was recycled)

  • 4 tins
  • 2 packets of beef
  • plastic bag the chillis came in
  • a fractional part of 4 spice jars
  • a fractional part of tomato puree tube
  • probably some other things…

I don’t feel at all guilty when I bin my Huel bags.


The photo is actually 96 years worth of Huel :relaxed:


Those are the old bags too! The new ones are smaller so should make slightly less waste overall.


Fashion it into a custom wallet with gaffer tape!


Loving the ideas :>) Thanks for the suggestions, they’re much appreciated.

Some practical & fun things to try…

Personally I’m thinking the shiney silver side definately lends itself for xmas decorations/ space age clothing of som sort…pants (?!) As long as the partial see-through material isn’t a issue for the wearer? :scream: Lol

@TimOfficeHuel yes! I second the request of photos of our re-using creatively.

Huel hats on then, gaffer tape wallets at the ready & portable foot baths here we come, ooh yeah & shiney see-through under garments! :dizzy_face:

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1 & 2 sound like just the kind of things I would suggest.

I think it’s a shame we can’t just eat the bags, but I suppose edible Huel bags are some way off yet.

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Pants, definitely the pants!

Camping pillows.

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My first pot will look nicer once the fuscia has grown in size



Faraday cage

I used to collect my bags and use them as a Faraday cage, I had a job which I had to carry a handheld computer (HHC) with built in GPS tracking, I used to put several bags inside of each other then when I put my HHC inside and sealed them up it would block the GPS signal. (Due to the tinfoil inner of the bags)

Then I could pop home occasionally and have longer breaks with no one non the wiser.

I guess this could be slightly illegal, but not in my case, we wasnt supposed to be tracked, our union rejected the use of tracking but our employer sneaked it in through the back door.

I’d be surprised if someone has a better use for these bags :wink: