IDEAS on what to do with the used bags please

That’s fantastic… haha

I work on boats, and once we were at anchor and there was an issue with the water temperature guage. Not a huge problem but the boss found it hilarious (in an irritating way) that his gin palace couldn’t work out something so simple. The engineer knew how to fix it, just a little bit of glue and a new case. One problem: it was, obviously, underwater. He couldn’t remove it because that would leave a hole in the hull (a problem for something that floats.)

I was well known at that point for my ‘brown shakes that the girls said tasted like blitzed cardboard’ (hey, can’t win 'em all), so the engineer and I came up with a few ideas that involved a bit of fun, some swimming, and a lot of hope.

He got his BA kit on, got down to the guage, and I waited a few minutes at the surface with a Huel bag with some super glue, a few elastic bands, and the new case. I swam the few metres down to him and got myself the second mouthpiece to his BA. With the Huel bag upside down (to create an air pocket), the engineer, with the dexterity of a toothfairy, removed the crapped out case, glued up the new one and stuck it in place. We tied the bag around the upright guage with the elastic bands and watched it for a few minutes. It didn’t budge and there was no air leaking from any angle, so we headed back up and agreed to monitor the temperature display on the bridge. Low and behold the temperature dropped and dropped and eventually fell in line with the standalone temp guage we had in the water!

The next day we got back down there and the unit was dry as a bone in the bag. A few fish were quite interested in what the hell this white monstrosity was, but no trouble was caused. We removed the bag and the glue held fast.

And do you want to know the punchline?

The boss decided not to swim because the water was evidently too cold…


a more practical one - I use mind as a toiletry bag if I’m going away… something always leaks and at least this way it doesn’t leak onto my clothes.


Such an awesome photo! Please sent to me on and I’ll repost it to social media! Great view too.

Some stunning ideas Huelers, keep it coming. @hunzas mentioned on a different thread making them into handbags, anyone willing to make this then do send photos.


I now use mine to store cat food! I buy these large bags that last me for almost a month and I noticed my cats grow less and less enthousiastic as their food grows more and more stale. Hope it stays fresh longer now that it’s properly sealed away.

So now my cats and I all eat food from Huel bags :wink:

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Is there not a way to post them back to Huel?

There was a water company which came up with the idea that once their bottle was used by the consumer they good then just pop it into post box with postage already paid, thus saving on Easter and getting recycled by the company.


I was also thinking about that but I don’t think it’s possible to reseal them after you tear off the strip.

Saving on Easter? What does that mean? Spell check gone wrong?

They could be used as spittoons at the local tavern


What about a type of bag that could be reused by huel themselves? If there were a different way to seal them, could we not send them back, they could go through a process of disinfecting then be filled up once again? Know it wouldn’t work with the current bags but just a thought!