More info on Huel shelf life

I wish there was more specific info on how to tell if an opened bag of Huel is still safe to eat. What happens after the 6 months? How big an impact does temperature and light have on it? My apartment got really hot this summer and I went on a couple of vacations, so I’m a bit worried.

It would be hard for there to be any specific guidance because everyone stores theirs in a different way.

But, to help a bit:

  1. If it’s been exposed to light, there will be some degradation of the nutrients but it will still be safe to eat, but the vitamin and mineral profile will not be as good.
    The bag protects it from light, so if you’ve stored it in the bag, you will have protected it! If it’s been in a clear plastic container, and out on a worktop, not in a cupboard then it will have been exposed to light and will have lost some of its nutrients.
    It’s still safe to eat though

  2. If it’s been exposed to the air or damp ie not re-sealed properly, then bacteria and mould could easily damage your huel especially if it’s been unsealed for a long time. A day or two would be okay, but 6 months unsealed, I personally wouldn’t risk eating it as it could be rancid.

  3. Heat - the bag is foil lined so will reflect most of the heat away from the powder. I stored a bag of huel in a metal garden shed in the summer heat for 3 months and it was absolutely fine. It was an unopened bag though. But if you had sealed it properly it should be okay, but again a small amount of degradation of nutrients is likely to have occurred. It’s fine to cook with huel for example - it doesn’t make it bad, but heat does destroy a few of the less stable vitamins.

So, in summary, if you only ever used a clean scoop in the bag, and sealed it properly before leaving it for a few months, it’s probably safe to eat and only a little less nutritious.
If there’s a high chance that bacteria or moisture got into the bag before you stored it, eg by using dirty or damp or contaminated utensils, or by leaving the bag imperfectly sealed, then it’s probably not worth eating as it could be bad.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the info! :heart: