Huel ok in this heat?

Inside my house it’s around 28c which is horrible, but will this have any effect on my bags of Huel?

It shouldn’t do. Micronutrients don’t show any sign of breaking down until about 70 degrees at least, and even then it’s minimal until 100+ C.

However, one possible issue could be the flaxseed, which is somewhat prone to oxidation. I don’t think it should be too problematic, as Huel contains antioxidants in the form of some vitamins, but there’s a small risk - perhaps refrigerate if you can to play it safe.

Thanks for the reply mate, when you say risk, what is the risk exactly?

Risk of oxidation. Oxidised fats (aka rancid fats) aren’t good to consume, though generally you can tell based on smell/taste.

I think temperatures need to get up to the late 30’s before you need worry. Products similar to Huel are sold in the USA, and some states have souring temperatures in the 30’s for half the year, and some places for most of the year, and they don’t tell you to store your bags in the fridge.