Flaxseed oxidation

Hi there. I’ve been using Huel for a few weeks and very happy with it so far. I have a question though about flaxseed - everything I’ve ever read about flaxseed in the past recommends, and in some cases insists, that once ground it needs to be refrigerated. I can appreciate that if something is milled in factory then vacuum sealed in a bag it will be ok but Huel is supposed to last 6 months after the packet has been opened, without any refrigeration. Surely this can’t be right? The closest I found to a discussion on the topic (on this forum) was something by James Collier where he said that flaxseed only oxidises if it is pressed for the purposes of extracting oil. This can’t be right.

Can I have some clarification please - it is well-known that flaxseed can be ‘off’ before it tastes rancid and given it’s such a significant ingredient in Huel I’d like to understand that it’s actually giving the Omega-3 benefits required and also not hurting me!

I’m interested in this, too. In another discussion recently we were told that the bags are made with reflective interior and plastic exterior in part to protect the flaxseed from light, which could oxidise it. Does the reaction not happen in the absence of light?


Our flaxseed is milled via a process called cold milling - this preserves it and prevents oxidation. It’s also stored in conditions that will favour protection against oxidation.

Awesome, thanks - makes a lot more sense!

Doesn’t it also depend on what you are taking the flaxseed for? If its just for fibre then in theory then even oxidised flax will come up with the goods. If you are after the EFAs and you are concerned then why not take fish oil or flax seed oil capsules?

That’s beside the point though - Huel is sold as a complete food substitute so should have all the EFAs present and intact. I don’t want to have to take other substitutes, hence why I use Huel.