Grinding flaxseeds for better absorption?

I’ve just bought my first boxful of savoury Huel. They taste better than I expected and I like the way there are recognisable food inside. What I notice though is that flaxseeds are added in as a whole into the mix.

Flaxseeds are rich in ALA omega-3 but since most of it is inside the husk they’d just come out the other end intact. I understanding that grinding them too fine may reduce shelf life but would you consider maybe partially grinding the seeds to improve absorption?


I did see this discussion on the US Huel forum which makes an interesting read.

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I was literally just researching this as I find that a lot of the flaxseeds are passing through my system undigested, so I don’t feel I’m getting all the benefits from them. I also read that ground flaxseeds are easier to digest, so I’d be keen to hear why they chose to use whole flaxseeds rather than ground.

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It’s in the thread I posted above


Thanks John :pray: I 100% agree with the posts suggesting that some or all of the whole flaxseeds should be substituted for ground flaxseeds. I don’t think you would lose that much in terms of texture, but if that’s their concern they could do 50:50 then everyone is happy :blush:

There’s always someone who isn’t gonna be happy :stuck_out_tongue:


I appreciate your concern, however I will reiterate this point.

The adequate intake (AI) for omega 3s is 1.1g and 1.6g for women and men, respectively who are 14 years of age or older … There is about 3-4.5g of omega 3s per serving of H&S (depending on flavor) and 3-4g per serving of Huel v3.0 powder (depending on flavor). We note that most of this would be ALA from flaxseed (#2) .

So with this in mind, although you may be concerned about some passing through undigested, most of it is being digested and the nutrition team have accounted for that.

As you say @kaho_tam (welcome to the forum by the way :wave: thanks for joining the team!), it’s nice to have recognisable food inside and although perhaps you don’t digest all of the flaxseed, you are digesting enough of the flaxseed.