Finer grade flaxseed, for a smoother experience

Hi there Huelers!

Some great news to share with you. Due to customer feedback we have known for a while that many think Huel is a little grainy and can lead to a tickle in the back of the throat or bits stuck in the teeth.

In the past we have told you this is due to the flaxseed and that we have to tread carefully due to oxidation of flaxseed when it is ground. Well we’ve cracked it…

These batches will use the finer grade flaxseed:

Vanilla 1.75kg V2.1 - Batch 2774
Unflavoured 1.7kg V2.1 - 1st Batch = 2723
GF Unflavoured Batch 2780 / GF Vanilla Batch 2781

The nitty (not so) gritty:

  • Our new flaxseed mesh size is smaller to prevent larger pieces getting through.
  • The product is exactly the same nutritionally - just smoother
  • There are not any problems with oxidation of this flaxseed

The only thing to consider is the your Huel may well be very slightly darker in colour, because of a more even distribution of the naturally dark coloured flaxseed.

We hope you agree that this is a great improvement for Huel and will benefit everyone.


Any sneak previews of other things coming up?
I am having a funny experience of trying to think of what else I’d want from Huel and not being able to come up with anything. ><

I never found a problem with the original…even when I moved from a Vitamix blender to shaking it, but I can see this as only beneficial…


That’s great! I do sometimes get a tickle that leads to a cough so I look forward to trying this new mod. Well done!


As you know we like to keep new product development close to our chest - “The best laid schemes…” - so nothing to divulge at the moment.

Rest assured we are working on plenty of projects between us!

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Damn. I love the current texture.

However, you can’t please everyone so if this is what people want, then good on changing it.

May I ask how you’ve alleviated the oxidation problem?


I’m curious too.

Is that a cryptic clue for Haggis flavour? I look forward to trying it next January.


That’s great news. I often get that tickle which makes me cough so it will definitely make Huel even better.

I’m loving Huel. I’m nearly down to my ideal weight after only 6 weeks use. Once I’m there I will be going 100%.

Any chance you could look at selling an airtight container that can store a bags worth of Huel? Ive been trying to find a suitable biscuit tin but can’t find one big enough or attractive enough. The same design as the bag would be perfect. I’d pay £20 - £25 for one if it were available. Plus I’d rather buy one from you guys than from somewhere else.

Keep up the good work Huelmakers.

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Thanks Steve, really pleased to hear you are loving Huel and reaching your desired weight loss goal. We certainly will keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Can I ask why you would like an additional airtight container for 1.75kg of Huel - beyond the airtight pouch Huel is already kept in? I can understand smaller individual containers to keep meals in - not something we are looking at currently - but why a whole pouch?

Various reasons really:

I find the seal on the bags a bit difficult to line up and sometimes I come back to it and find I didn’t completely seal it.

I don’t have enough cupboard space for the bag in a location where it is quick and easy to get to.

The wife won’t let me leave the bag in open view in the kitchen because she says it is unsightly. However she would be ok with a neat, plain looking container.

I find that I often spill Huel on the worktop when scooping from the bag as the opening is a bit tight. However a wide opening container would be a lot easier to avoid spillages.

To summarise, a container would look better on display, seal more effectively, prevent spillage/wastage and be more convenient.


I must admit I too find the Huel pouches a little annoying, especially when they are over half empty. When I open new pouches I the Huel into an old plastic protein powder container (I actually have 3 at moment- one for Vanilla, one for U/U and one for Xmas Pud), but I personally wouldn’t want to spend 20 quid on branded Huel ones.

I bought a cube shaped OXO airtight container off ebay. It doesn’t fit a whole bag in, but there is a larger one I might get in future. They are clear with a white lid.

It’s easy to put it on my scales, tear them, then scoop out 125g exactly from its wide opening.

I’m using batch 2774 at the moment and I did notice it was different. It seems thinner and less sweet. I just thought there was less of the flavour system in it.

Can this change be added to the Huel version history page please? It would be great to have a historical reference of how Huel was changing over time, especially with minor changes indicated only by batch numbers.

I agree that nutritional values should be unchanged. I do however have a few questions:

  1. Does this make it easier to dissolve/mix Huel in water?
  2. Because it is ground more finely, the total surface area of the particles increases - does this make it easier to digest Huel?
  3. If Huel is easier to digest due to the increase in surface area, does this affect the glycemic index or glycemic load of Huel?
  4. Does the increase in surface area affect the prebiotic effect of Huel (especially the insoluble fiber being more fine now)?

Good point! I’ll make sure it’s added.

The change is only very slight, but positive nonetheless. Side by side I tried both - just a mouthful - and could only just tell the difference. The mixability is unchanged and the surface area of flaxseed only slightly smaller. My impression is that the GI will be unchanged. Prebiotics is more @JamesCollier’s area of expertise. I don’t think we need to be concerned about energy peaks and troughs, don’t worry!

HI @rikefrejut - I can’t see there being any difference in respect of prebiotics with this change

Brilliant, I found the chalkiness made me gag, however using almond milk and frozen mixed berries, leaving it in the fridge for just 20 mins I found made a great deal of difference to the texture, loving my Huel experience now :+1:

I’ve always removed huel from the bags as I find because the powder is so fine, I tend to find half of it goes into the kitchen counter lol.