Grains in stool

Every time when I eat huel hot and savoury I have really lots of grains in my stool. It looks like these grains don’t get digested almost at all because the amount of them in my stool is almost the same as in the food. Do you have that too or do I have a digestion problem?

That’ll be the flaxseed. It’s whole so doesn’t get digested. I imagine they put it is to bulk it, but I just ate a whole bowl before realising this was the largest ingredient. My IBS is probably going to go very badly with this, it has in the past with whole flaxseeds.

Also as a doctor i’d say people should avoid this product if you have diverticular disease- flaxseeds are notorious for getting stuck and causing a flare up.

I won’t lie, I sometimes find this too especially if I haven’t fully chewed the seeds and grains and just swallowed them whole!

Is your gut feeling strange at all, or was this just an observation?

By “gut” do you mean bowel? I just have normal Huel stuff - at the beginning, there are a lot of sounds from stomach, lots of sensations and lots of farts, but then when you eat it over and over again, you have less of this. So that’s what I had with Heul Hot and Sovary as well.

Blimey, I don’t look at my stools that closely. So Hot and savoury looks the same at both ends of the digestive system.

I suppose if it is like above, you could eat it over and over again. I’d probably want to add ketchup

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Hahaha, I didn’t mean that by “eat over and over again”.

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Flax seeds in their whole form are are still beneficial even if not visibly digested due to the high amount of soluble fiber.
It may be worth considering slowing down your eating. If there are lost of grain in the stool its likely that you are not chewing the food adequately. We have become accustomed to eating soft easy to digest or processed foods that we have forgotten to chew our food when its required.