Digestion - Hot & Savoury

Hi guys,

I´ve been using Hot & Savoury for some months now - mainly to keep my weight up and stable (I have issues with a very small appetite, and continuous incremental weight loss). I do not like sweet things at all, which is why Hot& Savoury was my go - to.

I am generally happy with it - I can only do one-scoop doses at a time, but my weight loss has “sort of” stabilised a bit, and I no longer have as many days where I eat virtually nothing.

One issue, however. My previous diet was - albeit a bit scarce - healthy, based on fresh vegetables, whole grains and seeds, a little fruit, no added sugars, a little protein - I did eat tofu every once in a while. I have been vegetarian for many years but had started to eat a little fish/shellfish every now and then to bulk the protein.

Now, since starting on Hot & Savoury, my number of bowel movements a day has increased from one to around three. Anyone else have that? Is that normal? I did have a lot of fibre before, including inulin types?

Hey there, when you say your previous diet was a bit “scarce”- do you mean you didn’t have it very often or you didn’t have many calories?

Although your diet has a high % of fibre relative to the amount of calories you are eating you might find that you are now eating more grams of fibre now that you’re eating Hot & Savoury.

Hi Dan,

I ate this diet all the time, but since my appetite is really low, my meals were very small, and sometimes, I would just skip meals, especially when I was busy?

Arguably, I guess it could be that I just get more food, because the “soupy” texture of a one - scoop ration goes down relatively easy, as I can just drink it while working, but I am not sure?

It’s possibly that or like you said the different types of fibre you’re eating. There’s nothing wrong with 3 bowel movements a day and if it’s not causing you any trouble, I wouldn’t worry.

One stool per Huel sounds right to me

was wondering because I´ll sometimes just eat/drink two one-scoop “soups” per day - but maybe that is enough to keep the system busy - especially since I would previously have nothing or water/tea.