Hot and Savoury - As windy as the powder?

After having fallen off the huel bandwagon for about 7 months and comfort a lot eating cheese through lockdowns (I’m not a mouse, honest) I’ve finally got round to ordering some of the hot and savoury.

I know if I was go to back on the powder I would be faced with the same wind that nearly destroyed my relationship a few years ago - should I expect the same from hot and savoury?

Then again I’ve ordered some of the powder for breakfasts again as there’s only so many crumpets a man can eat, not to mention his body weight in butter smothered on them so the wind may happen regardless.

Not in my experience so far, no. However, I do have a fairly well behaved bowel, generally, and if there is a little windage, it almost always smells of petunias and / or freshly baked bread…

There’s still a fair amount of Fibre in hot and savoury so if you’ve been low on fibre for a while you may encounter some wind but i haven’t noticed any difference between h&s and powders, although I’ve never really suffered badly!

I haven’t seen people commenting that they’re experience more flatulence than with Huel Powder, but yes as @callumk has said if you’ve been on a low fibre diet for a while (googles fibre content of crumpets) then you’ll likely have similar experience. However be sure to ease yourself in, don’t go straight in and have 2 meals a day! Start with a scoop and build up. We don’t want to be responsible for putting your relationship on the rocks!

Sounds exactly the sort of thing a mouse would say :mouse:

I’ve been off the bandwagon to and came back a few weeks ago.
I had really bad wind form the powder even when I ate cleaner.
For me the tomato and herb has been windy. Not as much as the powder and I have had wind from it. So far the other flavours haven’t been so bad although I haven’t really touched the Mexican chilli to know for sure