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Hi guys, I haven’t even started Huel as it only arrived today. But it am now concerned. I was hoping this would be an easier way to manage my eating and weight. However having read a few messages here, I’m quite worried. Can anyone reassure me?! Thanks

Just have a try, what’s the worst that can happen?

I’m a little curious what you are worried about.

Comments about wind, not tasting good. Food terrifies me in general so just part of that I guess

I’ve been trying powder, and hot and savoury (started with that) since the beginning of August, no major problems like that.

Most people seem to say ease into the change slowly. for me it started as a replacement for work lunches and it’s slowly growing. Huel for breakfast, lunch and some evening meals so far.

Just ordered some bars and the protein snack powder to give it a go.

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I got the Huel professional as I needed the informed sport part of it due to the sport I play and the work I do… it didn’t taste great- but put it in a blender with some milk and a couple bananas it tastes great… now have the huel H&S for lunch too and a normal meal for tea.

As for the wind- it might increase as your gut gets used to the new diet your body is going through- but it will settle down… if you want to reduce this then go for a phased intro to huel as suggested in their feeding guide. Start with one meal see how that goes for a week or so and increase if you want to- personally I’ve had no issues! We’re all different though I suppose! And I did eat a high protien diet anyway before converting to huel!

Hope this helps

Sarah :blush:

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It does thank you

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I think it’s takes time to get used to it and once you do it’s a lot nicer. Just keep reading here as there are a lot of tips. My from the top of my head ones are;

For Taste
If you don’t get along with white, try the black edition
Mix in some hot and savoury
Make your powders at least a few hours in advance and pop them in the fridge. It makes the shake smoother
Blend in some frozen fruits for variety
Allow yourself time off

For farting
If you have a smelly fart, just deal with it. It could be a sign of the body detoxing junk food
Eventually they should stop, stick with it as it’s worth it
If they are really ad or not stopping, maybe it’s something you’re eating that’s reacting with the Huel

I hope you enjoy your journey with Huel

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I hope you will update with your thoughts after you are done.

My first day I still felt hungry,and my brain was still rebelling, so I wolfed down a prawn cocktail crisp sandwich haha.

It took a few days for me to get into the swing of it and stop binging.

Although last night I did get a bit stressed and demolished a terry’s choc orange I told the kids we were buying now to keep for Christmas :sunglasses:. I though it would be a good test of willpower too - test complete!


I started Huel on 1st August this year and I am 14lbs down and losing steadily. I have a Huel black shake for breakfast - a proper lunch then a H&S for dinner. Just trying the Mac and Cheeze which is so good! I also track my calories via Nutracheck. For me this is the first thing to work in a really long time. You just have to try and see what works for you.

Whilst Huel isn’t for weight loss - I am 5-6 stone overweight. So this is really helping me adopt a healthier lifestyle.


While Huel isn’t a weight loss product, people find they can use Huel to easily count calories and keep on track with their calorie targets. Feel free to check out this article!

It’s definitely worth giving it a try! Taste is subjective and everyone’s taste buds are completely different. It’s also important to remember there’s no one way to have Huel - you can customise it to fit your preferences.

We don’t recommend going all in with Huel straight away as your body needs time to adapt due to the high fibre content. Ease in slowly with one or two scoops a day and then increase as you see fit!

I’m also worried someone said it had a negative impact on their mental health which I really don’t want!

I started about three weeks ago. At the time I was struggling to eat - solid food made me choke and sometimes even vomit (it’s complicated!)

Anyway I switched to huel and I felt better almost immediately. Because if my struggle with non huel food, I barely ate and must’ve been so malnourished.

As for taste, for me it’s neither nice nor not nice. I have the vanilla black edition, sometimes with a shot of espresso, sometimes blended always with ice. I find it always has lumps in it but I can get it down and even find myself looking forward to it!

Good luck. I hope you find it as life altering as I do x


Thank you so much that is very reassuring to hear :slight_smile:

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Hi I was also worried and had a lot of concerns. But it’s been absolutely amazing. I learnt that I much prefer the Hot & Savoury products and I can eat up to 3 portions per day. It is very nutritious and I lost so much weight in a matter of weeks. I was really surprised to see the results physically in a mirror in such short period of time. Now I know for sure that when I want to lose weight fast, Huel is the way forward. Expensive but worth it IMO. :slight_smile:

If you don’t like the drink/shake products then definitely try out Hot & Savoury instead. It’s basically like a Pot Noodle or rice but healthy. I really love Madras and Mexican Chilli. Sooo tasty and personally I sprinkle some extra sea salt or Himalayan salt or Peri Peri salt.

Huel is perfectly compatible with the prescription medications I take as well. No adverse side effects.


I’ve actually been recommending it to other people for weight loss. Really impressive results! :smiley:

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