Hot & Savoury - How long do stomach issues take to calm down

So I am 2 meals into the Hot & Savoury, doing 2 scoops replacing 1 meal a day and oh my god!!!

I have used the powder in the past and experienced Huel tummy for around 2 weeks but nothing as evil as this!!

So far have had a mac & cheese and yesterday was the Mexican Chilli, yesterday afternoon and evening was non stop wind and tummy gurgling, even had the missus go to bed early because she had to evacuate the lounge! (winner as I got the TV remote however they were that bad I nearly had to evacuate myself)

I have turned to Huel again as my diet for lunch while at work has been complete trash ages so I am guessing it is the fibre but I wondered if anyone else was experiencing this with the Hot & Savoury?

Sounds like chaos in the lounge for you guys! So sorry you’re experiencing big wind. So you’re only having two scoops and experiencing this? Best thing to do is to reduce it down to one scoop and try that for a week, then start increasing. Huel does take some time for some to get used to, I know you’re experienced with the powder, but we’re all different. You don’t have any allergies or intolerances do you?

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