1 Month in - Stomach Still not settled?

So, I’m one month in on my second attempt at Huel (last tried it in 2019 but understand the formula’s have changed since so thought id give it another go), but it still seems to be effecting my stomach. Im not getting cramping or anything like that, just (no other way to put it) suuuuuper loose stools!

I know it could be due to the change in fibre intake (other brands i have tried didn’t effect me in this way - The Protein Works was one), but how long should i leave it to see if my stomach adjust to the new dietary intake? I’m having 1 for breakfast and one for lunch. Should i try a normal breakfast and getting something else in the stomach and then having one for dinner and tea - would that help, or should 1 month be long enough for the body to settle down?

Hey Chris, welcome to Huel.

Everyone is different so it’s hard to say. I’d recommend having 1 Huel a day and seeing how you get on.

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I think it took me over 6 months for my stomach to adjust to Huel. I got bad heartburn mainly and it took a long time to settle down.


As already stated UpHill everyone is different. Before trying Huel I used to have my Bircher every morning, made myself using Oats, Sultanas,Ginger and shredded apple. Regular every day and normal motions. Since trying Huel, ~ 10 bottles and 2 bags of powder (and no bircher). Now irregular and stools are hard. I’m going to re-introduce bircher and attempt to get back to “normality”.

that sounds like you are a little dehydrated?

I had some issues with original Huel but no issues at all with Black Huel. Maybe it’s the sweetener in original Huel I react to. Have you tried Black Huel?

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