Huel and Food Intolerance (Acid stomach) - A Question

I’ve been a loyal and excited Huel user for 9 months now. I still like the taste and am now using some of the new flavours. Really good.

However it now seems that having used Huel for at least over half my calories for 9 months that I’m developing some sort of intolerance? When I now drink/eat Huel I get very bad acid stomach feeling and have to take indigestion remedies to counter it.

Anyone else get this?


Most people who have reported acid have it the other way around. They (including me) got it when first starting Huel and it gets progressively better as the months go on. Took about 6 months and a small reduction in my portion size for my acid problem to go away.

Have you tried not putting the flavour in and going back to stock and to see if it is one flavour or the flavours causing the problem?

I had a few niggles to begin with and now after a couple of weeks they have gone. I would personally try without the flavourings in case it could be that.