Stomach Acid Troubles after 2/3 sips

I’ve been using Huel for a couple of weeks now as a breakfast. I’m using the new Vanilla version and have tried various flavor samples and also using it plain.

Things were actually fine for the first couple of days but after than I’ve been experiencing major acid in my stomach/throat after just two or three sips. Its very painful and has been turning me off eating anything at all. I was using it thicker at first but thought adding more water would lessen the after burn but unfortunately it hasn’t. I have also tried adding a small amount of bicarbonate of soda.

It’s leaving a bad association for me with Huel and the thoughts of having more either turns my stomach or just puts me off eating altogether. I was speculating that it could be a kind of gluten intolerace as white bread/porridge basically does the same thing to me, but I eat seitan without any trouble and that’s basically pure wheat gluten.

My partner is using Huel daily with no problems and honestly I wish I could enjoy it myself, I’m really just hoping someone who has experienced something similar can give me some advice on how to maybe overcome this and actually be able to enjoy Huel.

Are you able to try the U/U or original Vanilla version?

I too doubt it’s gluten related (unless you’re very sensitive) as non-gluten free Huel contains next to zero gluten.