Stomach pain right after drinking

I never experienced such a thing: lately, I’ve been following the new bottle water amount guideline (I used to use a bit more water previously) and leave my Huel in the fridge for a few hours.

It’s been the third time now that as soon as I drink it, I get stomach cramps and pain as if I’ve been intoxicated with food poisoning.

I’m using Huel v3 powder, any possible explanation about this?

Hello Luca

A lot of people experience stomach discomfort and bloating when they first start using Huel but as it seems you’ve been using it a while, I’m not sure what it could be. As you say it is acute pain like food poisoning I would certainly consider contacting the Huel customer team with the batch number to see if they have any other reports and/or consider seeing your doctor to look into the possibility of any other underlying issues.

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Hey Luca,

We’ve had no reports of food poisoning so I wouldn’t worry about that.

How long have you been consuming Huel and have you had any other changes in your diet?

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Thanks! Will do so

I’ve been drinking Huel for years now, I usually drink it as soon as I wake up as a pre-workout meal before hitting the gym.
I got a new batch recently (with a new flavour which I never tried: banana). I added half a shake at mid-morning and half a shake at mid-afternoon as snacks, and that’s when it started causing me such pains.

I didn’t change anything else in my diet.
Could it be the new flavour? Does the banana flavour contain anything over other flavours (I’ve tried and used: vanilla, chocolate, chocolate mint, original, coffee)?

Hmmm that’s really strange.

There are differences in the flavour blend, but that’s the only difference between the vanilla flavour.

You might have an intolerance to an ingredient used in this blend. Have you had any of your other Huels over this time?

Not from the order I just got, no, and since this is the only one open now, I haven’t tried other flavours I got.

Okay, let me know if you run into issues with the other bags. If you like, we could send out a different pouch of banana for you to try?

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I’ll give it a try with another flavour tomorrow and let you know. If the flavour is the problem, I might ask for a replacement with a different one if that’s ok with you?

Yes of course Luca. I’m on holiday from tomorrow, however @CharlotteMW_Huel can help you from a nutritional point of view and will be able to arrange a replacement if you need it.

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Thanks a lot for the support so far! Really appreciate it.

Hey Luca - as @Dan_Huel mentioned, I am here if you need any further assistance. :grin:

Let us know how it goes!

Hi @CharlotteMW_Huel,

I tried a different Huel Flavour from the order I got, and had no problems. Now, how should we proceed?
My mind is in conflict :stuck_out_tongue: I’d like to try another bag, but also I don’t want to end “wasting” 2 bags of Banana, so I might want to return the one I have for another flavour?
What’s your thoughts?

Hey Luca! I’m happy to hear that you had no issues with the other flavor you tried and I’d be happy to assist you in getting a replacement sorted.

I’ve just dropped you a message. :grin:

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