Stomach pain again, this time with H&S

Last year in November, I had severe stomach pain after drinking a specific flavour of Huel v3.0 (Banana).
So I posted it here.

This time around I ordered H&S for my office (already tried it and liked it, and I also wrote about my experience with Pasta Bolognese here).

In my order, I had Korma, Pasta Bolognese and Mexican Chili. I had both Pasta Bolognese & Korma before from that order and experienced no problems whatsoever.

Today I had 3 scoops (1+1/2 portion) of H&S Mexican Chili, with the correct amount of water (~315m).
Taste-wise I LOVED it (I love Mexican food, and spicy food has never been a problem for me), and as texture as well, even if it was a bit watery since I might have used a bit more of the water required (not a problem, it was a soupy-like texture).

After a few hours though, I started experiencing severe stomach pain, really similar to the ones I experienced with the Banana v3.0. I thought it was some bloating initially (even if this would be weird because as of portion size & fibre content, the portion I had don’t exceed a regular meal I usually have). It didn’t ease at all, I was literally crunching on my seat at work, and started sweating as well.

I’m feeling better now, but it was a horrible experience.
For anyone: have you ever experienced similar things with Huel H&S?
For the Huel team: is there any ingredient in both H&S Mexican Chili & Huel v3.0 Banana that might have caused me such pain?

Hi Luca, I’m sorry to hear about your experience, it’s not something anyone wants to go through.

There isn’t an ingredient in both these flavours that isn’t in the other Huel products you have tried. Gut issues are really hard to pin down and without knowing details about the rest of your diet and lifestyle it makes it even tricker.

Apologies I can’t be of more help.

Well, I’m pretty sure it was nothing from previous days or meals, since I didn’t have anything new or never tried before. And that yesterday morning for breakfast I just had a BE powder portion and a half.

It might not be your diet, it might be your lifestyle: stress, sleep, medication. I can’t comment anymore as I would be guessing.

As you are fine with other Huel products/flavours and these two products don’t share any similarities that other products don’t, I can’t narrow down what the cause might be any further.

No worries, thanks for the support!