Is this a reaction to huel?

Hi everyone, this is my first post so I would appreciate your feedback.

My son (who is a training martial artist) recommended huel (black version) , mainly as he will get all the nutrients he needs and recommended it to me . I have just turned fifty , healthy but not an avid fan of exercise. Due to lockdown have become a little lazy with eating so decided to give huel a try (black version) .

I have been consuming both the strawberry and salted caramel versions once a day at lunch time , drinking a huge amount of water ( due to being thirsty ) and eating the rest of the day with cereal , plenty of fruit , yoghurt and salads. I have really enjoyed the huel and look forward to it for my lunch meal.

Yesterday I didn’t consume any huel ( as I am awaiting a new delivery so thought I would have it every other day so I didn’t run out) , so instead of huel we had a healthy freshly cooked Thai tapas at lunch time. Late afternoon I consumed half a punnet of red grapes and early evening fruit and nuts , along with both still and sparkling water. Around 3 hours later I got stomach cramps but wasn’t overly painful , a few hours after that I felt the need to go to the toilet and was on there for a good hour as well as throwing up …. Extremely painful stabbing pains in my stomach , back and upper legs and a headache, no temperature but unable to pick myself up from the bathroom floor. I’m not a sicky person , so for me to throw up something didn’t agree with me. I felt that bad my partner nearly called an ambulance . This sounds awful but what I threw up was not like the usual but a concoction of the nuts I consumed and the strawberry huel from the day before.

This morning I’m feeling queasy, very delicate with a churning stomach but a lot better than the early hours.

I really enjoy the black version of huel but am concerned it is a reaction , any feedback , advice etc would be greatly appreciated. Should I carry on with it ? Try a different version ? I am also looking to lose around 14lb in weight .

Many thanks for your input all x

Hi @Aliciamia - sounds rough :nauseated_face:; hope you’re starting to feel a little better now.

It sounds like there’s something going on; maybe a stomach/intestine infection causing some inflammation. It’s unlikely this is related to something you’ve eaten (unless the previous day you consumed something that could have given you food poisoning). If this continues, I suggest you contact a doctor.

You could then try you’re Huel again when you’re feeling better. If, however, you do feel it’s related to Huel, please get in contact.

Any other queries, please let us know.

Thanks James

I would be disappointed if it was huel related because I enjoy it , I think I linked it as the sickness was the colour of the strawberry flavour:( , it’s just strange it happened when I didn’t consume any huel.

Do you think the black huel is the right one for me ? What difference would the white version make , I know my son uses the black version as he is very active .

Many thanks

Hi again!

When you’re feeling better, I suggest trying it again.

If you’ve been getting on well with Black Edition, then it’s fine to continue with it. Usually, for someone like you, I’d more likely suggest regular Huel (white pouch) due to the higher slow-release carbs and soluble fibre from the oats.

Thanks again , would it do any harm swopping to the white pouch now ( is I’m due to order any day)

Good morning all just an update to my post , it looks like I had /have the norovirus so nothing to do with huel , thank goodness, back to my next order, anyone tried the coffee caramel ? X

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Glad to hear it.
I’m not a fan of coffee and I did buy some. Not tried it yet tho

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Thank you for updating us and putting our minds at ease, but I’m so sorry you got norovirus and hope you get well soon!