Terrible tummy upset on my 3rd day of taking huel - whats the reason for it?

I was supper excited to try Huel, it seemed perfect solution and a great way to get protein in my vegetarian diet quickly and easily.

I started replacing my lunch time meal with Huel. After the 1st lunch I tried it I was so impressed, it tasted good, and really filled me up and I had plenty of energy more so than normal but by the 2nd day I wasn’t feeling my usual self I had to force the Huel down a little as my body just didn’t seem to want it.

on the 3rd morning I started throwing up and had a terrible upset - I didn’t have any more Huel that day. The throwing up, diarrhea and tummy ache continued for a few days after. I have never in my life suffered from food poisoning and haven’t had an upset tummy since I was a young girl in primary school! This was the worst thing I ever experienced! I could not leave the house in days. I didn’t wee I was just stuck in the toilet every hour with nothing solid coming out for days - sorry about it being so detailed I even had hot sweats in the night when trying to sleep. :confounded:

Why would this have happened? its so unusual for me? I’ve always considered myself to have a strong tummy. I wanted to believe it wasn’t the Huel, but as I say I have never in my life been so ill throwing up ect, and the only thing in my environment that changed was the Huel.

I’m curious if anyone knows what it is that could possibly have caused this? I have no food allergies, I eat a lot of organic and fresh foods normally -I was slightly apprehensive about the way Huel is made and some of the ingredients I couldn’t name but decided to put that to one side as I eat healthy most of the time but I’m not really strict I will often have other types of foods including some more processed meals ect and I thought overall Huel is supposed to be quiet good for the body. I always try to eat healthy and train extremely hard in the gym, but really there is nothing I don’t eat, I’m actually known in my family for having a really good digestive system never had a problem with my tummy feeling funny or bowl movements before like I’ ve heard many others complain about. Maybe because I’m a vegetarian my body didn’t respond well to the protein? but I get plenty of protein in my diet from eggs milk and grains so again I don’t know.

Sorry to hear that your experience wasn’t what you expected. I am no expert on the matter, but some people have reported some changes in their bowel habits on Huel, but not to the extend you did: Errrm. Huel Poop.
Maybe you find some answers there - otherwise there will certainly be someone better qualified then me answering to your post soon.

Sunflower seed, brown rice, peas, flaxseed, coconut & oats according to the picture on the front page of Huel.com

Sounds like it was either a virus or an allergic reaction.

The best way forward at this point is probably to leave it until you feel completely better, then try having Huel again.